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  1. [quote name='gianniz' date='Apr 12th 2011 @ 20:40 ' post='284680' Disable flash and keep a steady hands How do you do it Enigma!!! well i think that is what a tripod for
  2. 1st one looks more natural but the color in HDR isn't too bad either.
  3. here they are Matty and the HDR version. not the best one. i was just playing with PS when first i got it.
  4. how are you Matty? yes i know i has been a while since i posted fishy pics. little bit lost interest in photography. still take some shots every now and then. last time i played with the HDR feature on PS. i'll find it at home at later and post it here. pretty sure it was a saltwater shrimp photo. btw i reckon a school of congo tetras would make a nice addition to your tank.
  5. just snapshot photos. i didn't plan to shoot this tank. tank size: 24x18x18 filter: eheim 2213 substrate heating: 20w red sea root therm lighting: 6 x 24w T5 (9hrs) substrate: river sand (RG mix) + up aqua soil CO2: 1 bubble/sec (just installed less than a week ago) fertilizer: seachem flourish, iron, potassium, excel neon blue rams (male). i'm planning to get more photos of the pair.
  6. Awesome and unreal? hey Matty do you still use your camera much these days? haven't seen any
  7. you're right Chris. it is a decorator crab. last isn't an anemone no, i'm not worried at all about keeping small mantis shrimps in the tank. that guy lives in a 35cmx20cmx25cm tank. i reckon it is just a myth about their reputation for cracking tanks. imagine how many smashed glass tanks if they could do that easily. well if you are talking about 15-20cm mantis then no i wouldn't keep them in a glass tank.
  8. my biggest mantis around 7-8cm can anyone guess what the next 2 pics are?
  9. i have about 10+ pieces that i want to sell. will put pics+size+$ tonight or tomorrow.
  10. thanks for the kind words ctaylor: plants are java moss. noxious_nasties: i use mpe 65mm more often now with the full frame. 100mm isn't close enough anymore. no, i haven't tried the new 100mm. i'm pretty happy with the old 100mm. it is my best lens
  11. you'll know why it is called chameleon shrimp
  12. sorry gianniz. there's no update i didn't do anything with them. tank has strong canister filter and other fish. maybe later on if i have time and another spare tank. too many tanks already.
  13. you should be able to get a replacement without any problem. it is a common problem with that 400. hopefully eheim has fixed it by now.
  14. actually it's like a glue where the egg clings on it.
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