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  1. use both, have a couple of baffles to hold your filter wool and foam/sponge/jap mat and then have a drip tray section, for coral and matrix, the bacteria that live in the drip tray section are aerobic and in my opinion are bacteria on steroids compared to anaerobic bacteria which live in the submerged baffle section. for the noise problem have lids on the sump and have a cabinet instead of a open stand.
  2. jeppry

    Tank Rack Journal

    this is it so far, bit more plumbing and itll be up n running.
  3. jeppry

    bubbling noise

    dont plug the airline into the sponge filter, put a small airstone direct the airline then put the airstone down inside the sponge filter, the finer bubbles produced by the stone are alot quieter, also wat mcloughlin2 said extend the pipe higher.
  4. great vid, its always interesting to watch a first spawn of a different species, congrads you probably know with most mouth brooders it can take a couple of spawns for them to get use to holding eggs, imo its best to leave the females go a few times till they work it out, that way your females will hold the fry to a good size, stripping young inexperienced females can cause problems down the track with spitting and eating eggs, patience is the key. great setup by the way, wat other species do you keep in there with the Rhoadesii and spilos? cheers brett
  5. jeppry

    Tank Rack Journal

    well this has been a long time coming haha, i had this system up and running for about 6 months before i had to shut it down to move house "again", so its been on the back burner for awhile, since having it shut down ive made some changes to rack added centre supports for the tanks and some end braces, i painted the frame sky blue and sprayed all the tank backs, bottoms, end sides sky blue. next on the list is to make some changes to the plumbing system. im not far off refitting the plumbing from the pump to the tanks which worked fine, the return system needs some modifying, some of the issues where with flow and air buildup causing it to gurgle, so a larger diameter pipe and bends should fix it. ill update with photos asap cheers brett
  6. Thanks for the follow up info/pics craig, very interesting filtration system. did you make the TDF yourself? what material is it? and what glue was used? have you had any problems with your pumps being plumbed inline, leaks/excesive vibration? what brand of pump? deffinatly a verywell thoughtout system, awesome cheers Brett
  7. great porthole shots would it be possible to get a sump shot and list filtration media ? im setting up a sump for my 6x2x2, you must have something good going on under there to keep all that water clean and clear, all your fish look happy and healthy too
  8. hahaha thats awesome, great pics ya got there
  9. thanks for the replys, ill have a look around the cairns LFSs but i highly doubt they would be able to match prices of online suppliers, most aquarium products up this way seem to be over priced or you just cant get them. cheers brett
  10. im after pond matrix for my sump, can anyone recomend a suppiler they have used over the internet . i couldnt see it on the AOA website. any help would be great cheers brett
  11. just thought id share a sunday afternoon supprise i got while i was having a sticky beak at my calvus tank, i saw grains of sand swishing around on the bottom, at first i thought it was the flow stirring it up. when i looked closer it was tiny calvus fry about 5mm long darting around pecking on nls i jus feed the adults. after a few days ive been watchin and have only spotted about 3 fry. being the pairs first spawn im not to sure if there would have been to many eggs laid as the female is pretty small. i will be setting up a fry saver ready for the next batch and will deffinatly be keeping a closer eye on things. cheers brett
  12. 2nd that!! awesome tank setup wat type of rocks are they? you sure do have alot in there. do you get much waste build up around the rock?
  13. sounds good to me, i have trickle bio setup on my 6x2x18 and its full up with fry and stays nice n clean with a weekly water change. sump is next best thing is you can afford it anf have room under the tank for a sump.
  14. diy trickle filter on top of ya tank is the way to go, if ya dont care about looks, when we get blackouts i jus put the battery airator in the tank and if its a long blackout tip small buckets of water into the filter to keep the bacteria nice n wet. HTH Brett
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