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  1. nah i sold him a few years back, measured 43cm when i took him out. he was a beauty
  2. sorry buddy these look like normal jags to me, nothing overly special about them. Look in good nick though, keep feedin em up hopefully you'll get some more blue outta them.
  3. yea pretty lucky, with i got a shot of it fully extended, its only about 1/2 there
  4. would take about 2-3 years to get to that size i didn't have the guy his whole life so i cant give you an approximate age. I sold him a few months back and he measured just on 15 inches tail length with still alot of filling out to do, just a bit bigger than my 12 inch estimate .
  5. thanks ronny, mines pushing 5cm atm, growing really quick though
  6. This guys one of my favourite geo's. He's got some sweet colour and is always cruising around looking for food. Can't wait till he gets bigger.
  7. thanks guys, i would love to find a nice girl for him, im not sure how good he'd go with a girl coz he's hardcore aggressive, which makes cleaning the tank a royal pain. feeding him hikari massivore delight as a staple
  8. Amphilophus Labiatus ~ 29cm TL Tank Shot ~ 120g
  9. thanks, he's very close to 12 inches if not a bit over
  10. mate i picked up a canon 450D a month or so ago, twin canon IS lens kid 18-50 and 55-250, very happy with results, only paid 1400 for it too which is a decent price, got my camera bag from http://www.digitalcamerawarehouse.com.au good store very fast delivery and great priced cameras.
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