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  1. Hi Matt, was wondering if you still are breeding any Geophagus species? Please txt me if you can help? Cheers Tony


  2. looking good, well done on breeding them. do you have texas holey rock? doesn't that harden the water and raise PH? i may be wrong also, why no sand or fine gravel? they are earth eaters after all and it's a big part of their natural behaviour, including when breeding. I'm not having a go at you... just curious. Obviously they are happy because they are breeding but i have never kept geos without at least a fine later of sand for them to sift. Your water change regime sounds perfect to me. very similar to what i did with geos. keep up the good work, i love seeing leucos being bred. matt
  3. Just wondering if anyone has known torpedo barbs to be fin nippers? I've got something nipping/eating the fins on my long fin bristle nose cats to the point where they are dying. Torpedo barbs are the only species in the tank that i have never kept with bn, so i figure it must be them. I have not seen them do it even once though and i have been keeping an eye on them so it's got me a little confused. This has been going on for months and is doing my head in. thanks matt
  4. Thanks everyone, going to give continuum fraction a try
  5. i didn't think so. it's pretty strong stuff so it went a long way
  6. ok so i have been using Aqua Star to treat my tap water for years and it seems to no longer be available from Age of Aquariums, and i can't find it anywhere else. I've been very happy with it but need something asap as i'm almost out. It's quite strong and has worked very well with me for a long time. I'm looking for suggestions on what else to use please. Aqua Star claims to Aqua Star acts fast. Within Minutes, it neutralizes chlorine, chloramine,toxic ammonia and heavy metals, making tap water safe for fish. Adds protective Slime coating.Aqua Star can also be used to reduce dangerous ammonia levels in established aquariums or when transporting fish.Neutralizes 5ppm chlorine, 2ppm chloramine, 1ppm ammonia.I have used Prime before but found aqua star to be better (less fish loss especially when breeding and growing out fry). Thanks in advance.
  7. great stuff but that type of filtration is quite noisy... just a thought
  8. looks like good value but will it still be going strong in five, ten or even twenty years from now? ive used a bunch of different brands of canisters over the years including aqua one and none of them stack up to the quality of eheim. I had an eheim canister that was literally about 20 years old and was still going strong. All my canisters are eheim now. in my experience, you are better off spending a little more on the initial cost of your filters and they will last you a lot longer and will be less likely to leak or fail. Just my opinion
  9. Durso Standpipe i use one on my sump and it's pretty much silent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dli56BLV0To http://www.dursostandpipes.com/ then add a basic pvc spary bar just above or at the water line in your sump. something with big holes like this https://amazonianaquarium.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/24231_367661445990_542370990_5343464_859566_n.jpg hope that helps
  10. your photography blows me away ronny!
  11. great shots guys, keep them coming
  12. Amazing photos mate thanks for sharing
  13. there's a few fh fans here but i understand they are not everyones taste
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