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  1. Are African Cichilds right for my tank???

    Well, I wasn't suggesting you mix the 2 acei types, but get the black one instead. The 2 variants are pretty likely to crossbreed. It would be way easier to find a powder blue alternative to the msuli, than another black mbuna on the less aggressive side IMO.
  2. Are African Cichilds right for my tank???

    Which acei varient were you planning on getting? The ngara are a nice black/purple/dark blue. And they are actually (I think) the nicest but most underrated locale.
  3. Are African Cichilds right for my tank???

    I had my colony (many moons ago) in with yellows and it was definitely better that way. The yellows bred a lot less than they did with other tankmates - but at the time the demasoni were worth significantly more so that didn't bother me.
  4. Help identifying fish

    They might ask for it back? :-D :-D :-D
  5. New pleco

    Mate, I'm definitely not out to be contrary with anything Andrew is saying. And if there is one guy I would trust to NOT try to sell me something I don't really need it is absolutely him. A few extra bucks for peace of mind is probably worth it, for sure, given it is in a tank already with expensive tank mates. It's also easier for me to do the 'wait and see' because I can stop by and see Andrew any day of the week and get what I need. Got to have a bit more foresight being a bit more remote.
  6. New pleco

    Agree with Chris. If it was hiding in a log, he probably picked the log up and and shook it in to a bucket. Keep in mind fish live in their own excrement - so once it has a graze it is more than likely going to have some sort of bacterial inflammation. But a healthy fish will shake it off. Keep an eye on spreading or getting worse. If you're really concerned about it being problematic or contagious you could get some broad spectrum medication that is catfish friendly. If it was me I'd probably do a water change and dump a half a cup of salt in or something. Could also try some melafix.
  7. If there is a good clean line around Sydney I'd have a fair guess that Andrew (Labyrinth @ Campsie) will have the goods on them.
  8. Resealing Tank Bottom

    I just used any glass I had. In fact now i think of it i think i used perspex a few times too. I would guess a local glazier or tank builders would have scrap. Or salvage a broken tank from somewhere.
  9. Resealing Tank Bottom

    I've done this a bunch of times. The thing to look out for is that there is enough glass to get purchase on around the hole before you are hitting the existing silicone. If the hole is right up against the silicone you would have to cut the old silicone away to do it properly (new wont bond very well to old) Just cut a square so it overlaps nicely and get plenty of silicon on there, squish down. As far as thickness, I'm not sure if there is a rule. But I would say greater or equal to base thickness would be very safe.
  10. Trialling a new flake food

    Ok well I'll bite, again. No - it's not false advertising, it is marketing. Nobody has said anything like it being false advertising. The point being made about marketing is that claims made in marketing can be COMPLETELY TRUE but also completely meaningless. (There can also be outright lies as pointed out in claims from a totally different brand.) As I said originally - to my mind, it sounds like this has been formulated around the marketing concept. I don't say that with malice, but as a basically neutral statement. Money rules the world, and marketing is inescapable. But now purely to play devils advocate (please read only my words, and don't assume any tone - this is just a debate, not an attack.) You came here to spruik this new product. You then came to the defence of the inclusion of cassava and said you consider it a nutritionally valuable ingredient, rather than just being used as a grain replacement for bulking or binding. Now you seem to be saying yea but don't worry it is only 4% cassava. Which way is it? What is the expected significant value add nutritionally of 4gram cassava per 100gram flake? Is it just a bulking and carb loaded ingredient (taking place of the grains) used in sensibly small quantities, or is it a super food ingredient but with so little included it may as well not be there? (Like Acai health products) Now for the record I don't hate cassava - I eat loads of it when I travel in South America and Polynesian islands. (Cassava chips are delicious.) I don't think I've ever even seen it for sale in Australia, though. I also didn't automatically write this formula off just because it contains cassava. As has been pointed out - some Hikari formulas include cassava and I use these Hikari foods knowing what is in there. Admittedly I have no immediate interest in trying the food since I'm not using any flake - my fish are all large. However in normal social situations I am 'the fish guy' so people do ask me for product recommendations for their tanks all the time, and I liked to give advice informed by trusted sources, if I can't give advice from my own experience. Most people who ask these sort of questions want something better than goldfish flakes but can't afford (or don't want to pay for) super premium foods for $2 fish. So think of it as convincing me that this is direction I should be pointing them.
  11. Trialling a new flake food

    Everybody go take a deep breath. Have a beer. Then seriously ask yourself if it's worth getting wound up over a conversation about fish food on the Internet. Then maybe drink another beer.
  12. Few interesting bits and bobs around

    Yes I wish I had had a few hundred dollars burning a hole in my pocket that week, and a tank where they wouldn't be feeder fish on arrival.
  13. Trialling a new flake food

    Lack of waste is an interesting measure IMO. If your dog didn't 'have a movement' for a week, would you think wow that's a healthy dog, or, hmmm should I call the vet?
  14. Trialling a new flake food

    This is all friendly debate/banter to me, guys. If anyone thinks I've been unfairly harsh or insulting - feel free to tell me I'm an arse and we can all move on. But to clarify - from the the outset, I haven't said I think this formula is wrong or bad or worse than anything else. The point I raised initially about the cassava was that I would guess it is included as the bulking/bonding agent - purely to make the claim 'grain and soy free' - a "marketing" move IMO. Obviously dry foods all need a bulking/bonding agent. That can't be escaped. And most of these are not added for their nutritional profile. So that needs to be acknowledged. Something is needed to make sure your flake food isn't powdered food! However, if someone can provide real info about any real benefit of cassava in fish food I'd be glad to hear them. (Apart from a marginally better nutrition profile than some wheat and soy by-product - but which I still wont be convinced is a good profile, IMO.) Personally, from the POV of Australian manufacturing I definitely find the choice of cassava interesting - since it is not a crop that I would associate with any abundance here. That's why it stood out for me. All the touted benefits of cassava are actually better met with regular potato (http://www.nutrition-and-you.com/potato.html) or sweet potato (http://www.nutrition-and-you.com/sweet_potato.html), and without the risk of cyanide poisoning. But sticking mashed potato on a fish food label might get some funny looks :-D (Did you know raw cassava is used by 'primitive people' to stun/poison fish? Does that fact alone not make you wonder how we got to the point that someone is making our fishfood from that same plant now?)
  15. Trialling a new flake food

    Nothing in there is contrary to anything I've said. Examples - If you were formulating something to hit a specific potassium level you could use half as much spinach. Vitamin C? Spinach has 50% more. Vitamin K? Spinich again! Has 400% more. Cassava is a staple food in many regions where malnutrition is a massive problem. I'm out.