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  1. I've got a source for these but putting the feelers out there to see if anyone else on here currently has them?
  2. Found this article doing the rounds, yes it was first posted on Feb 13th 2015 but it was last updated as of Jan 4th 2016. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-02-13/virus-testing-for-ornamental-fish-delayed-after-backlash/6090946 Has anyone else seen this or is it just a furphy?
  3. PVC bulkheads

    Wondering where people buy their PVC bulkheads I'm looking for socket weld ones that will take PVC pressure pipe sizing.
  4. Sump pump opinions

    I've spent the week cogitating, planning, plotting out my plumbing and then searching for what I'm after so I'll be looking to buy the pump etc from aquarium online supplies Australia as I can get a few other things from there that I'm after and not have to pay freight from suppliers all over the place, it will be first time buying from there so hopefully all goes well.
  5. Sump pump opinions

    The Waveline DC-6000 look good and there was good reviews for them, so for the price etc I'm thinking to give one of these a go and just pick up a cheapo for a back up in case of a catastrophic failure. Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions.
  6. Sump pump opinions

    So I'm now researching return pumps for a sump and however much I would love one of the Ecotech Vectra M1 for now they are beyond my budget, thus looking for peoples opinions on what they would choose to use otherwise. How I see it is that the main factors for me to consider are. 1. Reliability. 2. Ease of repair and availability of said spares if needed or replacement including waranty which would aslo mean a good quality build. 3. To go for a DC which I am leaning towards but still cant seem to decide on as these seem to cheap for what you get to ridicuously expensive and over priced for what you get. 4. Stay traditional AC pump, but they seem to use so much more power for the same flow as a much lower consumption DC pump. So here I am asking what other people use or have used, their good and or bad experiences with different makes and models of submersible return/sump pumps. (If this would be against the forum rules saying bad things about a crappy brand send me a PM)
  7. Bean Animal Overflow

    I don't see how the bean animal is only for marine it has a double redundancy so if both of your two returns to the sump somehow get blocked there is the third one to save you from disaster, also the other advantage one you have it set running properly it's self starting no priming or fiddling is necessary from a power outage or stopping the pump for water changes etc. But yes this best for a fully submerged sump system but I wanted to try and adapt it to what I have and not spend a whole lot of money when I already have all the bio media I need.
  8. Bean Animal Overflow

    So I've been researching different sump designs and how to get the water from my tank to the sump and I'm very impressed by the dual fail safe and the silent run of the water our of the tank in this design http://www.beananimal.com/projects/silent-and-fail-safe-aquarium-overflow-system.aspx Although I will want to run the overflow box on the outside but this is a small change and wont effect the operation. My first issue is though I have a fish box full of bio balls I planned to use in a trickle sump but the way the water gets to the sump wont really work in a trickle situation, so I'm open to suggestions about possibly making a custom sump to get the water possibly in a weir and then the water comes up and over across a drip plate with graduated holes so it all doesn't run down in the first 100mm or so and not get to cover all of the media. Also has anyone had any experience with using a bean animal overflow set up and how did it go for you?
  9. Few piccies

    Curious about what the first Tropheus are?
  10. Aqua One Cannister

    I'm interested in this as I'm in the process of setting up a 6 x 2 x 2.5 and a sump isn't viable for now so I'm looking to try and find an FX5 or FX6 at a good price but these aqua one units look too good to be true at that price so how would people compare the two? As a side note it will be for wc Tropheus so I want the filter to bullet proof as I can make it...
  11. Ok then it seems there is the two main ways to build a glass tank. Method one, which all the tanks I've owned use, is for the base to be smaller and all the sides go around the edge of the base. Method two, is for the base to cover the whole footprint and then the sides go on top around the edge. This one is mostly what I have seen in many DIY videos and on web sites especially those produced in the U.S. What are peoples thoughts on the pros and cons of doing it either way?
  12. Pillows on sale at target? Is it ok to use?

    Sleeping with the fishes I'd say.... ;-P
  13. Old tank cleaning

    Anyone got tips on cleaning tanks that are well calcified and stored outside for a long amount of time?
  14. Shellies

    I keep Multies in a 14" cube just fine, right now there's 2 males and 2 females and probably 3 lots of fry being about 15-20 form 6 months old to newly hatched last week.