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  1. Intern1, Thanks for the update. You water looks good! Josh, Thanks for the insight. The areas that this has occured are in established areas and no develpoments near that I am aware of. After speaking with Sydney Water today there has been no major woirk being conducted or been conducted on any mains is these areas.
  2. Hi Josh, I am testing before and after and everything checks out. pH is lower than usual at around 7.0 - 7.2. I have caught acid water pH 4-4.5 coming out at West Pennant Hills last week and Alexandria 4 weeks ago. Drummoyne tested pH of 7.0 last friday. Intern1. Thanks! I also am using the sera test kits Chris, Speaking with a scientist at Sydney water who has stated that there have been no major changes to water parameters and or new chemicals being used. He did state that chlorine levels were a tiny bit higher but nothing that would cause major disruption. I just cleaned out tank at West Pennant Hills today due to the cloudy issue and off the chart ammonia and freshly starting it again with no fish. After filling the tank I tested the pH 7.0 and ammonia 10mg/l. I did notice though again very micro air bubbles (or that is what they look like) throughout the tank. I have added Sera Auqatan and 1 capful of stability and changed the filter to only have eheim noodle, Seachem Carbon Matrix, Seachem Matrix, API Nitrazorb and wool. I am using some filter media as I usually would but introducing carbon matrix and the api nitrazorb just to see if it makes a difference. Aslo not using seachem safe instead gone sera aquatan and only added 1 capful of stability to a 200lt tank which is underdosed. Will see what happens with the tank. This has got me stumped!
  3. Hi Chris, No filter maintenance conducted. Water change done from stored water that has aeration and stored for 2-4 days or water change done from tap into buckets with treatment added then added to aquarium. African and discus tanks being impacted currently. And this is happening in Alexandria, Surry Hills, Baulkham Hills, West Pennant Hills, Rouse Hill, Drummoyne all in the last 3 months. Most tanks are serviced every 4,5 or 6 weeks. We did water changes in Parramatta, Campsie, Kingsgrove, Glebe, St Marys, Merrylands, Epping, Oatlands all within in this period and nothing was impacted. Water testing conducted from the tap water to the tank water before water change and after water change. Ammonia seems to get stuck and skyrockets off the chart and stays that way! Using API Nitrazorb and ammonia remover + Ammo-lock + safe etc but nothing seems to work. We use Seachem Safe, Seachem Stability, Any buffer reqyuired is seachem. Swithed out to API Stress Coat and Stress Zyme when we started getting problems just to eliminate a chemical issue.
  4. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has been experiencing issues in the past 2-3months after doing a water change? Either on cichlid or normal discus/tropical tanks? Example: Water goes cloudy after 24-48hrs and fish start dying or water goes cloudy and ammonia skyrockets off the chart resulting in fish at the surface etc Any feddback is appreciated.
  5. Lams Aquarium @ Parramatta had some a couple of weeks ago.
  6. It is that time of year!! I actually keep a breeding registry and track the fish breeding patterns and have done for about 4 years now. December and January is slow but usually find mid February they start to gain momentum. Cheers, Ben
  7. Hi All, I use Eheim Jager which have proven to work really well apart from the previous series. I also think best value for money are the Aqua One Heaters, they just keep on working without any issues and always hold the temperature within 0.2 of a degree on what I set. The hydor external heaters are rubbish and have a short life span. I have used Tetra Tec heaters which are good but if i was going to spend the money I would just go with the eheim jager as it will do larger amounts of water. Tronic i have seen fail many times along with fluval and Rena heaters (and filters lol). Just my thoughts. Cheers, Ben
  8. all the other tetras seem to be fat and healthy thanks Matt, I have the exact same problem as you with my cardinals. It is "anchor worm". Mine have had it on and off for the past 3 months. I have tried treating them with Parasite treatments but it just won't leave. I have resorted to just throwing them out as soon as they show signs of having it. I have put about 6 aside in a small tank and treated them seperately but with no success. They come out of my planted tank with Rasboras, Peppermint Bristlenose, Corydoras and Siamese algae eaters which have not been affected by the parasite. ???? I had some German Rams in the tank when the parasite struck and it wiped them out aswell. I have no idea how it arrived in my tank but it did. Thing is I don't think it came in on the Tetras because I had the same ones for over a year. The only thing I can think of is it came in on driftwood or plants. If I have any luck in eradicating the parasite I will be sure to let you know. Cheers, Ben
  9. African Cichlids: Lams Aquarium, St George and Auburn by far have the best selection. Central Americans and South Americans: Lams by far have heaps more than Auburn and St George. Regards, Ben
  10. Lams at parramatta have them at the moment. They got them in 3 weeks ago and i saw them last sunday and there wern't many left. Regards, Ben
  11. Craig, I am now breeding them successfully. I have had 4 spawns so far the first spawn is now about 1cm and the other 3 spawns are still tiny. They are truely a fantastic species of synodontis. Regards, Ben
  12. Andy, I just bought a FZ30 about a month ago. Awesome camera and the quality is fantastic. Its great everyone with normal cameras have to get up close to get a decent shot but we can stand far away and get a better quality shot.LOL Great shots. I am still learning about the camera but it's fun. Regards, Ben
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