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  1. I'd recommend checking out some online reviews of their products. @Chuckmeister has a few videos on his youtube channel where he talks about his experience with MMLED lights.
  2. It's frequently used as a lighting diffuser and for air con return vents, google search/yellow pages and see if there are any commercial/industrial lighting and air con suppliers in your area. The other place you often find it is at plastics and perspex suppliers.
  3. Skippy


    Welcome to ACE Kieran. It's a nice looking tank with a nice assortment of fish. My only suggestion for improving the tank would be to add a background. I think a solid blue or black background would make the fish and the aquascape pop and hide the cords.
  4. I think maintaining stable water parameters is more important than trying to exactly matching the lake's parameters and having the parameters swing around wildly.
  5. Texas holey rock is limestone so it's main advantage for rift lake cichlid tanks is its buffer capacity i.e. it helps stop the pH and hardness dropping.
  6. It's hard to go past Labyrinth Aquarium in Campsie for both range and quality of Tangs.
  7. G'day Alex, I only just got a decent size tank again recently. I might poke my nose in at a CDAS meeting when they kick off again.
  8. I'm not aware of any cichlids that change sex in the same way as Anemonefish or Barramundi. It's more likely that one of the "males" you bought was a female, it's not uncommon for females to develop male colouration due to being feed some colour enhancing foods. Dad could be any one of the male fish, to know for sure which one is mum you would need to catch her mouth brooding (look for a swollen throat).
  9. I saw a lot of posts online about these a few of months ago, seems like there was a flood of them hitting the market in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney at the same time. They might have been on one of the wholesale lists at the time too but they don't seem to be on the AI or Premier Pet (Bayfish) lists now. I did see a tank of them in Sydney in February but I can't remember which store. MJ at Canberra Aquatics is pretty good at keeping an eye out for specific fish on wholesale lists. Gem or Canberra Marine would probably do the same.
  10. Bunnings have an indoor tap to hose connector that my solve your laundry tap connection problem. I used to use 19mm clear vinyl tubing for my water changes but I found it to be prone to kinking and eventually splitting. I've replaced it with reinforced hose which is much easier to wind up and tidy away too.
  11. Sounds like a dodgy test kit might be behind the 80mg/l reading you were getting before. 10mg/l is in line with the NO3 reading you would expect in a well-maintained fully cycled tank.
  12. Abyss Aquariums in Gregory Hills made both of my tanks and cabinets. They custom make everything in house so it won't be a problem for them to match your existing decor. Their prices are competitive and they can deliver.
  13. Have you tested your tap water to see if there are any nitrates in it? How old are the test kits? They do expire and some brands have a reputation for not being particularly accurate even when new (API might be one of those, I can't recall). It might be worth getting your water tested at a shop to double check the readings.
  14. Sounds like quite a project. I'm looking forward to seeing more as it develops.
  15. I think Facebook's attraction and also it's weakness is that it is so easy to set up a page or group. With a Facebook group you don't have to invest any time or money in setting it up and running it like you do a forum. But easy come, easy go. If you don't have to invest anything into a group there's less incentive to build it up into a community and keep it going. It also makes it easier for people to act like idiots and move on to another group. Forums like this one hold a wealth of information, searching and finding old posts on any topic is easy and a great reference. Facebook groups don't seem to be that easy to search through, there's so much noise and rubbish. On a forum it is easy to see the number of posts a member has, how long they've been a member, and search for an read that member's posts, you soon get to know what knows their stuff and who is a newbie with no clue - try doing that on Facebook. My definition of "dead silent" is that it is as silent as the dead i.e. makes no noise at all.
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