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  1. Skippy

    Getting my tank up and running again

    My cabinet has some minor water damage but I'm a perfectionist and want to chase a new one - do I buy it direct from Aqua One or do you know a cheaper supplier? I prefer genuine. Aquaone seems to be widely stocked so you might get lucky and find a store that has a cabinet in stock that it wants to get rid off if you ring around. Otherwise eBay or Gumtree might be worth a look for someone looking to offload their cabinet Have live aquarium plants - chasing very low maintenance yet good-looking plants. If you going to stick with the stock Aquaone lights you won't be able to get plants with high lighting needs. Anubias and java fern seem to be very hardy plants that can cope with (relatively) low light. I've also been told that many Amazon sword species do ok with basic lighting but I haven't tried them personally. Make sure you get true aquatic plants if you want them to last, many species sold in LFS are not true aquatic plants and will eventually melt away and die. Looking at getting a small school of neon tetras/Praecox rainbows (I love colour), however I have no experience with them; are they easy to maintain, require a lot of attention, require any specific out of the ordinary tank hardware, any specific food, anything else I should know about them? I've never kept Praecox but I had neon tetras many years ago and never found them very easy to keep alive long term. Some people suggest because they are mass breed in Asian fish farms they aren't very hardy and are prone to die off because of poor genetics and disease. What other cichlids would be suitable and peaceful alongside tetras? Any species with a mouth big enough to fit the tetras will eat the tetras. You could look at different types of rams or apistogramma species. Do your research because some apistogramma have very specific needs. It will be a feature in my living room so I do want it pleasing to the eyes without looking out of place. It will be located next to two floor to ceiling sliding doors that go onto a balcony - I believe I will have an issue with overgrowth of algae as I get direct sunlight in the afternoons? How can I tackle this? Common Pleco? Snails? Bear in mind that I do have separate sunblock and blockout screens that I can drop before heading out for work each day to keep the fish from overheating. I find bristlenose catfish to be more effective for algae control than common plecos. Common plecos also get very big some probably not the best choice for a 2 foot aquarium.
  2. Skippy

    Breeding Bristle-nose Catfish

    Assuming you have at least 1 male and at least 1 female given the right conditions they should breed.
  3. Generally most users on the forum use an external hosting service e.g. Flickr and Photobucket and link to the images. If the image is deleted or the account with the hosting service is closed you won't be able to see the images anymore. In this case it looks like the OP edited the post back in 2017 so he possibly removed the link to the photos.
  4. Skippy

    Leaf litter for dwarf americans

    I'm no expert but I would expect eucalyptus leaves to leach a lot of oil I'm not sure what effect that would have on the water's chemistry
  5. Skippy

    Replacement 5ft Light

    I'll follow this topic with interest because I'll shortly be in the market for a 5ft light too. I was looking on eBay earlier today and came across Beamworks, one store selling them currently has 20% on eBay.
  6. Skippy

    NSWCS meeting 7/9/19

    Did anyone get along to the meeting? I'm curious how Mo's talks were.
  7. I haven't (knowingly) seen any imported electric yellows in the flesh yet but I did see some imported Labidochromis caeruleus Lundo Island in Labyrinth Aquarium which was something to be excited about.
  8. Skippy

    Introduction size - New tank

    If they get territorial try moving around the tank decor to break up the established territories
  9. Skippy

    Introduction size - New tank

    I honestly don't think it matters. It comes down to what you prefer, instant impact vs watching them grow, and what is available to buy
  10. https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2019L00058 Good news for lovers of the ubiquitous electric yellow, finally some new genetics coming into the country (legally).
  11. Skippy

    Apistogramma Allpahuayo?

    Apistogramma spp. is listed on the allowable imports list so in theory any species of Apistogramma is importable and available if you have deep enough pockets. https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2018C00775
  12. Skippy

    QLDFAS convention last weekend

    Australia is also pretty anal when it comes to exporting animals, he wouldn't have been allowed to export them without a permit if it was a native species.
  13. Back to Nature are the gold standard when it comes to aquarium backgrounds. They're not widely stocked in Australia and are eye wateringly expensive Universal Rocks backgrounds tend to be popular too, they are a bit easier to find and not as expensive as Back to Nature. https://aquadecorbackgrounds.com/ is another European brand that makes high quality backgrounds. There is an importer in Australia but they're not easy to find in the flesh. I imported a 5 x 2 background a few years back when I moved home from the UK and haven't gotten around to getting a big tank yet. It's for sale is you are interested
  14. Skippy

    Tank question

    It will work fine as a cichlid tank only difference is you won't need to use the protein skimmer.
  15. Skippy

    Where is everyone

    Apparently the facebook groups are very active for buying and selling. But from what I've seen the advice side of things and the discussion leaves a lot to be desired.