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  1. QLDFAS convention last weekend

    Australia is also pretty anal when it comes to exporting animals, he wouldn't have been allowed to export them without a permit if it was a native species.
  2. Back to Nature are the gold standard when it comes to aquarium backgrounds. They're not widely stocked in Australia and are eye wateringly expensive Universal Rocks backgrounds tend to be popular too, they are a bit easier to find and not as expensive as Back to Nature. https://aquadecorbackgrounds.com/ is another European brand that makes high quality backgrounds. There is an importer in Australia but they're not easy to find in the flesh. I imported a 5 x 2 background a few years back when I moved home from the UK and haven't gotten around to getting a big tank yet. It's for sale is you are interested
  3. Tank question

    It will work fine as a cichlid tank only difference is you won't need to use the protein skimmer.
  4. Where is everyone

    Apparently the facebook groups are very active for buying and selling. But from what I've seen the advice side of things and the discussion leaves a lot to be desired.
  5. Hi Skippy

    Would you be interested in a adult reeding colony of Foai Ndole Bay. 1 male 6 female. $350.

    m: 044 874 1182


  6. Lake Malawi Africans

    Looking good
  7. The whole thing looks good but the background rocks (if you will pardon the pun). Will you put the heaters in the sump?
  8. 8x3x2' Reef Tank Journal

    Looking forward to the updates as it progresses
  9. All in one aquariums - any good?

    I used to have a five foot Aquaone, it was ok but far from perfect. The built in overhead filter was not good enough on it's own, I initially ran an internal filter too but eventually got rid of the overhead filter and hooked up a canister. The lights were an odd size that were hard to find outside of aquarium stores (read: expensive). The build quality of the cabinet was typical of cheap flat pack furniture i.e door gaps weren't even etc. The current generation of Aquaone tanks looks much better but it I was going to go for a big tank again I would get something custom made by a reliable tank/cabinet maker.
  10. Apistogramma species

    Apistogramma spp. is on the allowable import list so in theory any member of the Apistogramma genus is importable and could be here. In the past I've seen ads on Petlink listing some of the more exotic members of the genus for sale around Sydney so keep an eye out and you will probably find something you like.
  11. Are African Cichilds right for my tank???

    I've got 6 rusties and 6 yellows - they're still juveniles so the tank looks a bit empty but they've still got plenty of growing to do.
  12. Peppermint Sexing - Boy or Girl ?

    If I was to have an educated guess based on my knowledge of sexing common BN I would say 4 males - the angle of number 4 makes it a bit hard to tell. They all seem to have the same evenly tapered body from the head to the tail. I would expect to see a more rounded body and thinner tail if there was a female there.
  13. Are African Cichilds right for my tank???

    I've got the exact same size tank and for various reasons I've struggled a bit with African cichlids but I've persisted because I think it can work. Not all species are going to work, a 2 foot cube is just too small for some species. Selecting the right species, not doing stupid stuff (my problem) and tank décor will are the keys to success. I first tried a tank full of electric yellows, which ended in a total wipeout which I don't think can be blamed on the tank size. Next I tried a pair of Neolamprologus splendens in the expectation that they would step breed like rabbits and fill the tank with generations of fry. All was going well until the male decided he was going to kill off all the fry. Since then I've gone with smaller groups of rusties (Iodotropheus sprengerae) and electric yellows. The rusties tend to spend more time at the top and mid layers of the tank and give the yellows more confidence to get out and use more of the tank. High rock piles and some tall anubias also seem to help them use more of the top.
  14. American Stocking question

    I've never tried keeping any of these together so I can't comment on the compatibility issues but the Tapajos and Ellioti I've had in the past were pretty chilled and I couldn't see them causing any trouble. Most eartheaters like the Tapajos and Heckelli do better in groups so 1 or 2 of each isn't ideal, 5 or 6 is better if you have room.
  15. LONG awaited 6x2x2 geo set up

    I like what you've got going on there with the aquascaping. Looking forward to seeing it set up.