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    Hey Folks, Few trys at taking some pictures.. some Frontosa, Tropheus and Petros..
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    Interesting article published in Nature about the timeline of cichlid deversification https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-020-17827-9#Fig1
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    @adamgatt Hey Adam, Here is the list of species I have in the tanks ..(created last night to track what I have) - 6 x Yellow Moshi (Petrochromis yellow moshi) - 10 x Frontosa Chumbu - 5 x Tropheus – Moliro Red (Tropheus Species Red ) - 9 x Tropheus Moorii chipimbi - 2 x Neolamprologus leleupi (Lemon Cichlid) - 6 x Neolamprologus Pulcher Daffodil - 5 x Neolamprologus Mustax - 6 x Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis - 3 x Ophthalmotilapia Ventralis Kambwimba - 10 x Tropheus Moorii Chaitika Blue Rainbow - 2 x Gnathochromis permaxillaris (pair) - 3 x Ophthalmotilapia ventralis "Chaitika" (Trio) - 3 x Julidochromis transcriptus (Masked Julie) I have decided to keep Tangs exclusively.. so hopefully I can breed some fry and contribute to the hobby..
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    Few pics this morning. I spooked the attenuatus before the shot so his colours faded a little
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    GDay I use inkbirds as temp controllers. I have my tanks (8x2.5x2.5) (4x2x2) outside which isn't the best option. The back and sides of the tanks are insulated. i use schego titaniums at 600w because they wont shatter. the inkbirds have never missed a beat. i think they are a great option. i currently live in Cobar, so its hot in summer and cold (-2 overnight) in winter. I hope this helps. The Miner
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    Hey guys My cousin did a video tour of my new fishroom a few weeks back. Check it out and subscribe to his channel if you're interested. I've setup the remaining tanks since these videos were recorded.
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    @Nick_Cimino Hi and welcome to ACE nice tank mate by the second pic it could be a pair as the top fish seems to have a rounder anal fin and the lower fish appears to a male it looks like it has staked out the hollow in the wood as his spot but as this is in the middle of the tank he feels he owns everything in his vision maybe try moving the wood to the left and it may keep him more to that side but still have symmetry with the large rock where the wood sweeps up because everything is in his field of vision he has developed a dislike for the guppies when he sees them you could try some Anubia on the large rock or a large bunch of Vallisenaria to act as a blind but until the plants grow out some more it is something you will most just have to leave them to sort things out and watch as far as Corydoras you can try them but the substrate looks pretty coarse and may cause abrasions to the barbels if you want to try look at one of the cheaper Corys like Bronze. Albino or Pepper it's a never ending learning curve …….. enjoy
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    A few shots from tonight. Very happy to have X spilotopterus mbilibili in my tanks again.
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    Thought I’d add these two here as well.
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    Bunnings have an indoor tap to hose connector that my solve your laundry tap connection problem. I used to use 19mm clear vinyl tubing for my water changes but I found it to be prone to kinking and eventually splitting. I've replaced it with reinforced hose which is much easier to wind up and tidy away too.
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    @Beaz seems to be working well and you have brought a good thought up also with the food flavouring the crickets BTW I think it might be Mrs Polleni
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    Nah mate. I sold my Mustax breeding pair and the last batch of fry last week. I had some Walteri in my grow out that have matured now and started to pair up so I moved them into it. With the move to the smaller fish room I have to use my tank space a bit wiser. I was close to listing my sexfasciatus gold pair for sale as I contemplated using the 4 footer I have earmarked for them in the new fishroom for something else. They are sitting on a spawn now though so holding onto them for a while longer and will now move them into the 4 footer soon.
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    @crawf you could try Andrew at Labyrinth Aquarium in Sydney 02 8068 4853 he got them in when the last fry came up for sale in Melb but that was a while ago don't know if he kept any back they pop up in Gumtree sometimes or in some of the online groups
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    Thought you might have! They were my uncles. He won a trio at the club raffle a couple of years back and bred heaps. He moved some of the colony on to Andrew a few months back. Another reason to join the club when we are up and running again, best chance of getting your hands on the rarer species!!!
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    @boonahsider Hey mate.. Yes they are.. not directly from Jim but F2s..
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    Nice Tang Tank mate! Are these P. Moshi Yellow from Jims's line?
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    Nice selection of fish.
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    Just sharing my COVID project. I decided to setup a new aquarium - nudging 4 weeks cycling - only a few weeks to go! 6x2x2 (~580 L of water in it) Temp: 24 PH: 8.2 GH/KH: both at 12 degrees (~215 ppm) CO2: ~15 ppm (during the day) Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrite: 2 ppm (poor fish) Nitrate: 5 ppm Being locked up in a house (working & living) tends to warp the mind a bit, hence the dashboard for tracking water quality. I did do two water changes, mainly to get rid of tannins from the driftwood. Unfortunely thoughtout the cycling period I have lost some feeder fish, but their deaths go to a greater cichlid cause. My goal is to establish a Lake Malawi cichild tank - mainly Peacocks and Haps (maybe including a yellow lab Mbuna). I can tell you are laughing at my planted material (Anubus, Vallisneria, Tawian Moss & Milfoil) - we will see how long they last.
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    @AndrewM mate where do I start the OB D Comp are hybrids hence why there is variation The C caeruleus looks more like C spilorhynchus The L hongi is an Aulonacara possible Ngara flametail I have serious doubts about the knowledge of wherever you got them from and their sales ethics
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    @AndrewM Good work! I got my perspex from an industrial supplier, also 3mm thick (about $125. They cut 2 pieces for each tank, 180 by 45 and 180 by 15 (approx). These rest on the cross braces with a slight overlap along the length. Without anything on top of the perspex (in my case) holding them down, I've found the larger pieces have warped over time. They also had 6mm thick, which would not warp so much. The smaller piece is at the front, which is easy to move for feeding and basic access. As you say, perspex is very light, so they are very easy to remove completely for full & free access to the tank for major maintenance. The lids do need cleaning, every month, as the algae builds up on the underside. But that's no different from glass. I have not found any issue with getting plants to grow - in my planted tank, I regularly chuck out a bucketful of trimmings. Good tip on the sandpaper! I neglected this and discovered the edges are very sharp... The small areas for inlet/outlet pipes and one or two other things I cut out myself. I used a jigsaw with a fine blade, as you suggest, but it was problematic. It would crack very easily, and also it would melt. There was one small semi-circle I cut out, and when the jigsaw got all the way around, the cut bit had melted and it was stuck back together again!! I might use a hacksaw by hand next time, and good pointers on adding additional tape along the cut lines, on top of the protective covering it comes with.
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    @MFF - I am glad you changed your lights, imagine glass in the tank. I am also glad I have the LED lights, but they could easily improve the design of the lids. Link below to what I purchased at Bunnings for the perspex - it's 3mm thick. I purchased two sheets and cut each one into 2 pieces, including cutting out sections for the filter pipes out the back and feeding holes at the front (I also have some small pieces to cover a central feeding hold - not that its important). I was going to silicon handles on them, but they are light and easy to move around so I did not bother. As mentioned I had to make some brackets to hold the perspex covers. I did this by cutting 4 small rectangular pieces (350 x 50), siliconed 2 of them together (one on top of the other to increase thickness) after a few hours I then siliconed them to the tank on each end, as supports - see in the image. I cut the perspex with a hacksaw, but make sure you run a strip of tape on the perspex (both sides) and then mark a line on top of the tape for where you want to cut. The tape will help reduce damage from the cutting process, although you will still have to smooth the edges, which can be done with some light sandpaper. Also a small jigsaw with a fine blade would have done a far better job than me using a hacksaw, but you have to be careful not to crack the perspex in the process of cutting it - so stable suports underneath like some lumps of timer or something. Also I assume you know but don't remove the plastic covering on the perspex until you have completely finished all the cutting, otherwise it might scratch. Also I gave mine a quick clean mine after I removed the protective plastic, using a paper towel with some vinegar. While they also state the perspex is clear, it is not 100%, there might be a slight reduction in light in the tank (barely noticable) and the plants are growing. The Milfoil is growing crazy, it grows at about 10cm a week. 3 weeks ago it was hidden behind the rocks and by this coming weekend, it looks like it's on track to hit the surface of the water. https://www.bunnings.com.au/suntuf-600-x-1200-x-3mm-clear-pvc-handisheet_p1010176
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    @Slipshodman - while I remember, I am not using the heaters that came with the tank as I do not like internal heaters. I purchased an inline heater and it is awesome, very accurate and efficient as it heats up the water on the outlet based on the water temperature from the filter - I also have thermometers at either end of the tank to check the temperature. The other added benefit is that it has an alarm that is quite loud, so if the water stops flowing the alarm goes off, or if the temperature changes too much it is also goes off. The alarm has gone off a few times when I switch the FX6 off and forget to switch the heater off, it will switch its heating off when the alarm goes - https://www.amazingamazon.com.au/inline-aquarium-heater.html I highly recommend it if you are not already on an external heater.
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    @Slipshodman - One other thing, I see you are using the FX6, are you intending to hook up the Nautilus as well? I use both filters as if I need to switch one of the filters off, there is always another one running. I am also obviously over filtering but at the same time preparing for the bio load that Cichlids will bring.
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    @MattG_Sydney In the African tank, there used to be about 80 mbuna, fully grown (i.e. around 10-12 cms depending on species). Included a group of Tropheus also. Plus a 4 clown loaches and half a dozen bristlenosed catfish, similar size. 90 fish in all. I'm in the process of switching to all-male Hap, so the numbers (and - temporarily - sizes) are lower now. In the American tank, there are 7 very large silver dollars, 5 severums at around 15 cms, most of the others are around 12 cms (e.g. blue acara and ellioti). Total of 50 fish in this one, but they're bigger, and will grow more (flagtail, leporinus and the severums are not fully grown yet either). In the planted tank, there are about 120 fish - 4 discus, 30 rainbows, 14 catfish, 14 miscellaneous and a bucket load of small tetras. Rainbows are mostly young still, around 5-6 cms. And you're correct, the substrate and other decorations in the tank can be a significant contributor to the filtration in a tank. All mine have a decent substrate plus rocks and in one case live plants. The planted tank typically has the best water parameters, with identical water change routines. Although the bioload is potentially different in each tank also, I do try to max out the fish in each, and the difference is very large between the planted and the other tanks, always has been, which I put down to the live plants.
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    sera flora flakes, dainichi veggie deluxe in baby size, repashay gel super green some small quantities of mozzie wrigglers in summer there are other veggie based foods that are quite good also
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    Sorry for dragging this thread on! So decided to start pulling down the hard scape in the tank to remove the holding female cobue. First of the fake aqua one rocks I pulled out absolutely smelt disgusting and rang some alarm bells. Smelt like rotten eggs..hydrogen sulphide I was told by Andrew at Labyrinth which I believe is normally found in deep dormant substrates. Some of these fake rocks had been in the tank before I jumped into a mbuna tank so with the water inside to keep them from floating must have turned bad. Ive decided to pull out the remaining fake rocks while keeping as much of the water inside them as possible. All fish in the tank seem fine and female cobue now in a fry saver. Have thrown in some dragon stone keeping it a little more simple for future separating of the females. Another lesson learnt and don’t recommend the aqua one rocks to anyone unless keeping with herps dry. Love this hobby
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    Hey Matt I don't have Tropheus, but I feed my fish a variety of brands just to vary the diet and hopefully increase the chance that my the fish get everything they need. I feed a mix of: Tropical brand Tanganyika pellets New Life Spectrum Grow New Life Spectrum Algaemax Hikari Frozen Brine Shrimp + Mysis Shrimp Ocean Nutrition Frozen Rotifer Ocean Nutrition Instant Baby Brine Shrimp Live microworms I only started feeding NLS the last 8 weeks and I have noticed that my fry seem to be growing much quicker than they normally would. It's the only thing that has changed in my fishroom so i think NLS has something to do with it.
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    Hey Matt, Rocks actually are Aqua one fake basalt rocks, pretty expensive but got them at a shop out kellyville when on sale 50% off. Full price the cost is pretty outrageous.
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    https://i.ibb.co/ypRdPhZ/Fish.jpg UPDATE: Well, I lost 4 rasboras last week. It was inevitable I spose. I blame Covid. I had a delay with my last cricket delivery due to Aus.Post Express being swamped, and I don't know when it'll be safe to re-order. I ran out, so I threw him 2 or 3 Hikari golds today. I pretended they were crickets and pegged them at the water for a bit of a splash and he hit 'em and swallowed before he realised. So here goes, hope he takes to fish food easily.
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    please note the Illawarra meeting on Saturday 8/8/20 will be the AGM and no auction or raffle due to this and the Covid situation the committee has asked only members only to attend due to restricted numbers they hope to resume normal meetings on 13th September
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    had about 10/15 hatch.. waited a few days and placed them into a breeding net and they all escaped through the mesh into the tank ....lessons
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    off they go into a bucket with portable air pump and on my lap the whole way. its been 3 days in new tank and have not lost a single fry 😄 HORRAY
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    You could use Poret foam in the corner to cover you heater and water pickup. https://fish2water.com/corner-filter-hmfs.php I've used these filters in my tanks for 6 years now and never had to clean them and they do help to create a cleaner looking tank. It also means that for tanks which have canister filter I remove all the foam and add matrix to the filter trays.
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    @Beaz Yes mate, all good .. glad it all makes sense now ..
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    @@Beaz Yes mate, good idea to learn about how the Europeans do it. Eheim is a German brand and built for those climates. Also they claim to be accurate with temp control as well. Good luck, let us know how you go. PS I use Eheim heaters and l like them. Even bought a new one for my display tank yesterday.
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    Are you using canisters for filtration, you could go for an inline heather, nothing in the tank and you don't need to get your hands wet adjusting the temperature.
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    @Beaz I think heater with a thermostat would do the trick.. Eheim heaters are legendary.. Have a look in here. They work very well... Also what fish do you have in the tank ?
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    Update I bought the Fluval Planted 3.0 LED light for my set up. I will use it and provide an update in a few weeks. Thanks all for all your help.. Cheers M
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    @MattG_Sydney Mate I do use their version 1 tubes they made a few years ago, but they have updated to new stuff since, which looks great. I like the panels. As far as the tubes go, they perform like on day one after about 6 years, no wear and tear (water/ rust/ calcium marks) at all. They have heaps and heaps of control options, I use the 24hr. programable controller. I'm pretty sure the new version has an app. Yes, definately, I have the old controller box and I think it''s quality mediocre. A mate has the newer version control box, I will have a chat and try to compare. I'll try to post a pic - never done that before 😕
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    hey guy, firstly thanks for the response and no need to take anymore photos, witnessed him spawning with with a young girl, small bulge in the mouth at the moment on the girl, so confirmed boy 😄
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    Often you will see some photos of fish posted , but really do you find out where they come from other than " I got mine from Sydney" or " A friend brought them back from QLD for me" And well this is one of those times, I saw a lovely photo of an Albino Threadfin Acara (Acarichthys heckelii) and love them and want them.... So question is Where can I buy them from *also if this is the wrong folder please advise
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    I miss the old forum days, I am glad to see some still using the classifieds as we have been able to get some nice Tangs from people recently and I ABSOLUTELY HATE Mewe, I do not understand how to operate that app at all. I try and look and then I just give up!! A lot of the FB groups I get sick of seeing the same question asked over and over, for example what sand can I use in my tank!! Lisa.
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    I have caudopunctatus breeding pairs and some young gold comps in southern sydney
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    you could try lloydashton in Brisbane for Frontosa there is a NSWCS club member in Wollongong that has Chumbu but with no meetings allowed at the moment it's hard to check what is available and they don't ship
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    It's hard to go past Labyrinth Aquarium in Campsie for both range and quality of Tangs.
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    Hi Matt There's a few around that breed Tangs. I think you should do some research and figure out the kind of tangs you are interested in first and then go from there trying to source them. There's a wide such a wide variety in Tangs. I'm personally interested in the shellies, neos and julies. Other's are into the altos, sand sifters, tropheus, leptos, etc.
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    Hi @stevo1957 Just offering what i have done to save carrying buckets for the tanks in my lounge room I added a "Y" connector to the cold water line for my washing machine laundry tap, then added an extra tap on one side with garden hose fittings. On the other side connected my washing machine as normal (so the misses was still happy that she didn't have to do anything when someone uses the washing machine) From the garden hose fitting i added a short hose to a small hose reel and made a hook to sit over the edge of my tank.( a couple of pics attached) My largest tank in the lounge room is 6ft and has an FX6 on it so i have a hose connected to the outlet of the FX6 ans switch it over to dump water out, then use the hose from the laundry to fill it back up. I always dose prime before i start filling it back up for the whole tank size, then again about half way through filling as i do 50 to 75 % water changes Just to offer a thought to your plan as with a tap you can totally regulate the flow of water filling up your tank to ensure no temp shock when adding cold water, "low and slow" as they say, with a pump that could be harder to do As for pumping out water from your tank, well gravity should help you out with a long enough hose attached to one of these from a hardware store, that's what i use for my other tanks to dump water out, its just a siphon pump and after you start it gravity does the rest, its only like $5 at a hardware or cheap dollar shop. Everything i got from Bunnings in stainless so no brass fitting to chemically effect the water going into the tank and all up maybe cost me $50 or something like that so could be a lot cheaper than buying a pump and this is basically fail proof, no parts to replace over time, its just plumbing I hope that helps with your ideas Cheers
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    Generally most users on the forum use an external hosting service e.g. Flickr and Photobucket and link to the images. If the image is deleted or the account with the hosting service is closed you won't be able to see the images anymore. In this case it looks like the OP edited the post back in 2017 so he possibly removed the link to the photos.
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    Pretty happy finding fry after only 2 weeks of getting them. 😎
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    There are some really good points in that post Chuck. I Moderate here but my hands are tied to the amount of access I have. Basically I can remove posts and lock them if shit hits the fan. Ged logs in maybe once a year and that usually coincides with the forum shutting down because someone hasn't paid the bill. I have been here since the day it change from the Sydney Cichlid page and tried to evolve into a national forum. I have seen it then trying to evolve from a Cichlid specific forum to a general aquarium forum and I don't think it has ever really found its place. All of the super busy forums that I used to use have long gone. Tropheus Fanatics is now face book based, Frontosa fanatic is gone, QLD cichlid forum gone, Pleco fanatics gone, boronia, Drumpak (LOL), they are all gone. There is plenty more that I cant think of right now. Years ago Sydney was the main stage and I think now the place to be seems to be over west. I am NSW based, so this place has always been home to me. I will add that I believe that the clubs are having similar issues when it comes to patronage. I have never seen a Facebook page that offers what good forum can offer. Most are run to support the owners of the pages views and anyone who dares to argue gets punted. Maybe some of the rules are old and probably do need updating. A forum is only ever as good as the community that uses it. If people don't engage here then the forum will die out.
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