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    Don't you hate it when you can smell something dead in the fishroom but can't find it. I could smell something off for the last day or so but despite a couple of quick looks couldn't find a body big enough to generate the smell. On occasion I've had the odd big fish or bristlenose escape from a tank and stink the place out but have always been able to find them fairly quickly by following my nose. But when I opened the fishroom this morning after being closed up all night I almost fainted from the smell. Luckily it became almost bearable once the room was opened up and aired, but I knew I had to find it as it would only get worse. So I spent a few hours today trying to isolate the general area it seemed to be coming from and looking for it. I cleaned out most of one end of the fishroom, including moving and cleaning under and around my fish food/beer fridge and still no luck. So as it was obvious the body wasn't in clear sight anywhere and was most likely stuck in some inaccessible little spot, I had a brainwave and went and got the trusty blue heeler. Since it was unlikely it would be in a place where she could try and roll in it (trust me, she would). And she was straight onto it, trying to get behind my main return pump and under the Nally megabin I use as a sump. So in I crawled with a torch and a scented hanky over my nose and there it was, a dead rat covered in maggots. So sparing you the gory derails, once located I managed to drag it out and get it into a bag and in the wheely bin, losing my lunch a couple of times in the process. At least one end of the fishroom has had a spring clean now
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