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    Got the pump and ran the loop last week. Was noisy using a ball valve as a bleed off so i didnt back feed the pump so used a dif breather off a 60t dump truck to quiet it up abit lol.
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    Hi folks just showing off my 8ft Lake Malawi African Cichlid tank which stocked predominantly with Aulonocara, Placidochromis and Protomelas varieties totaling 70 odd fish. Filtered by 3 x aquaone 2700 nautilus canisters turning the water over 8 times every hour. 2 x wave makers positioned opposite ends with one near the top to create surface agitation to oxiginate the water and the other down the bottom pushing detritus toward filter intakes. Lighting consists of 2 x 4ft Fluval Marine and Sea 2.0 LED's Feed New Life Spectrum and Dainichi Super FX once daily. Change out 50% water weekly.
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    Well i got my 1st spawn from these guys. Pretty happy about that. Just going to leave the male in there and see what happens with the 1st spawn and if i get a few survivors well that will be good if i dont so be it. After awhile once i work out temperaments of both male and female ill do what i have to, to ensure a better survival rate. As for now just enjoying the fish and enjoying the hobby. Cheers.