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    Back from Brisbane and the QLDFAS convention great day of talks from some excellent speakers and truly nice people I highly recommend you consider attending one of these when they come up Speakers were Leo O'Reilly from Toowoomba on Rhadinocentrus rainbows Matt McGee from Monash University via California on feed techniques in fish and one on shrimps Spencer Jack from Canada on Fish Farms and one on being a Cichlidiot I've seen Spencer speak on 5 occasions and it's always a great presentation Jim Cumming from Canada first time in Australia and has a facebook page that makes you go oooooohhhh He spoke on Madagascan cichlids and one on South Americans this was the first time Jim has been to Australia but I don't think it will be his only time Many thanks to the people that put this together and so good to see my old mates up there that are still pushing the hobby NSW we represented great to see the NSWCS Sydney and Illawarra people making up a large portion of the audience Stay tuned for 2019 NSWCS meetings as we are looking to have Matt McGee speak on a topic and date to be confirmed Matt did his post-doctoral work with Dr Ole Seehausen on Victorian cichlids and I'm told his Lake Victoria Cichlids: Speciation, Extinction and Recovery is not to be missed Pencil in November 2019 because we will be working on Jim Cumming returning to Australia for a full night with 2 talks
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    When I started keeping fish.....50+ years ago. There were 3 sources of information. Your LFS Magazines Your Local fish club. And there were very few prohibited imports......Wholesalers brought in anything and everything Even fish clubs imported fish. Over the years things have changed a lot. LFS are fading away....overrun by Pet warehouses with well meaning staff that generally don't have a clue and for hobbyists On-line sales of Fish and Goods is the future Magazines can't be found at the local Newsagent The Local fish clubs are mostly geriatrics (like me) List of Allowable importable fish is getting smaller and smaller.....with lots of Mutants/Hybrids.... Locally bred fish are mostly rubbish (not all thankfully)....few selectively breed For 8 of last 10 years Forums were the social hub......but many haven't been well managed or become very clicky Facebook seems to be where it's at.....pick a Group or groups that suit and connect via your phone Personally....50 years ago was a lot, lot better, BUT you can't fight progress!
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    Listen, im not having a shot at you guys personally but this is so fail and lazy it beggers belief. Everything from a community takes effort. I recently got in touch with someone because I noticed that Dave (yew) had let his domain (and web site expire). I saw this as an opportunity to reclaim a name and old respect that should never have been lost. A chance of reclaiming an identity and refocusing back to a state focused forum (pretty exciting I thought). I even offered to buy sydneycichlid.com and 5 years of hosting on whoever the admin is at the times behalf. ACE was never going to become a central forum or hub for all states, even though people like myself in WA will happily call this forum home. It lost its direction. It was a mis-guided attempt at pushing a popular forum at the time past its natural boundaries. There is so much wrong atm that it needs to be gutted completely and have a fresh start. I mean I had a look at the admins. Half have been awol for years....the other quarter are listed as past mods and 2 or 3 regulars. There are useless sticky posts that are redundant. Rules and regulations dating back to lungy terrorizing the forums without realizing that the software is so much easier to admin now. Dont even get me started on that ACE logo...I cant even read it. Broken articles. Anyway without getting into a rant, the same suggestion was offered up about facebook to me, basically suggesting that its too hard (to compete)...so really I cant be bothered coming back here myself atm n(often). Whats the point when even the admin, mods etc think that facebook is the place to be. I mean I'm even looking at my post page here and its allowing me to upload files of half a GIGABYTE... I mean Ged really should have retired his admin status to Link before he decided to abandon ship!!
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    Apparently the facebook groups are very active for buying and selling. But from what I've seen the advice side of things and the discussion leaves a lot to be desired.