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    A few shots from tonight. Very happy to have X spilotopterus mbilibili in my tanks again.
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    Thought I’d add these two here as well.
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    Often you will see some photos of fish posted , but really do you find out where they come from other than " I got mine from Sydney" or " A friend brought them back from QLD for me" And well this is one of those times, I saw a lovely photo of an Albino Threadfin Acara (Acarichthys heckelii) and love them and want them.... So question is Where can I buy them from *also if this is the wrong folder please advise
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    Here's a few of my better shots.
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    Bunnings have an indoor tap to hose connector that my solve your laundry tap connection problem. I used to use 19mm clear vinyl tubing for my water changes but I found it to be prone to kinking and eventually splitting. I've replaced it with reinforced hose which is much easier to wind up and tidy away too.
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    Sounds like quite a project. I'm looking forward to seeing more as it develops.
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    @goldenswimmers maybe it is the right time to try and get traffic through the forums with the classifieds but then you look at what you would have to moderate, and I don't want to go back to the old flame wars era of dealing with knobs as the thin skins would take offence because you ask too many questions maybe after lockdown the clubs might generate interest with being able to sell in auctions @PlecoSam I have given up replying to newbs or keyboard warriors as all you get is attitude when you answer a question with a reply they don't like @Skippy I only reply to people I know or who have shown a degree of intelligence in the FB groups now I suppose it is because I'm not overawed at being a newb or have lost a level of interest now I'm not chasing specific fish and have a reasonable network of people I can just ask
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    Hi folks, Here is a pic of my planted/community tank. The fish I’ve got in there are: Lionhead cichlids, Rainbowfish, Congo Tetras, Angels, Red Top Electric Blue Rams, Peppermint and Common BN, Gold Spot Plecos, One large Featherfin Cat, a few Electric Blue males, Gold sucking cats, One large Glass cat, Two Gourami (Pearl and Blue Spot) and about 100 common BN fry in a saver. I have no problems with aggression or fighting as all the fish just seem to get along really well. This pic is a few months old and after using some LCA all in one fertilisers for a few weeks all the plants now are almost triple in size. Currently I’ve stopped the ferts and have reduced light to only one light (usually 3) and the photoperiod to only 4 hours a day as I’m treating for a massive black beard algae outbreak. I’ll get a current pic up soon
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    Although guppys can handle higher temps temperarilly, it can bring on cullamaris(sp) they actually do better in temps 20-24o .. Plus i would be looking at the ammonia, nitrite levels as well since the tank is new. If you do decide to drop the temp, do it slowly over a few days not in one hit.