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    Anything that gets included onto the import list is only good for the hobby. Its up to the hobby and enthusiast to import from the correct importer. Countries don't matter, they can be as bad as each other. Electric Yellows regardless of how line bred they have been can always do with a new blood line. I personally dont think there has been a legit yellow in australia for a long time. I understand that people have spent alot of time and effort in maintaining and line breeding as best they can and its taken alot of effort. But with this rule change there is a legit chance and not even.... chance. There is a legit avenue to directly import yellows into Australia direct from Africa.
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    I honestly don't think it matters. It comes down to what you prefer, instant impact vs watching them grow, and what is available to buy
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    Yes it is extremely interesting, so many ways, either one can present in many ways (bloat, lesions, waisting and more). Through my experiences,,, there is absolutely no doubt that the highest KH levels you can possibly keep any fish in Definetely throttles and/or prevents these horrible diseases.