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    I feed what ever powder andrew from labyrinth gave me when i bought them cant remember brand sorry. I also feed dianichi xl pro grow pellets also brine shrimp. I use continuum to buffer the ph and hardness of my water. I feed usually 2 or 3 times a day but have figured out thats probably not enough. Water parameters are. Nitrates never go over 20ppm but vary depending on how many times a week i feed the brine. Seems to raise the nitrates more. Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Ph 8.8 Kh around 20 Gh around 18 depending on how much of a heap i do of the teaspoons with the continuum. My tap water is around that 7.8 to 8 level and gh and kh of about 15 so i dont use alot really. I do 2 water changes a week of 50% and just temp match as close as i can with my hands.
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    thanks mate, i decided to go ahead, i got some absolutely stunning young 3 inch peacocks and a few haps and 1 electric yellow and 1 Tranmitichromis Intermedius. ( all males) < looks so nice ! all look amazingly nice! Bloody lovly looking fish and its only day 1....how much better will they look in a year....... I was very lucky i found a local breeder who had every peacock and hap etc i ever wanted and more...., for way below aquarium pries. got 14 fish so far.... might leave it at 14.... then again....breeder did have about 4 more beautiful peacocks i might get and about 5 or 6 others that he said i should get..... i am happy with the 14, there very active. you really think i should have more fish n tank? and if so why? just for looks ? Thanks for reply!
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    Air pump allows fantastic redundancy for a ridiculously cheap price and almost nothing to run 24/7. It is also very easy to check your air is running both visually and audibly. A $25 investment could easily save your whole tank of prized fish if you haven't noticed the canister had stopped a few hours ago.