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    GDay I use inkbirds as temp controllers. I have my tanks (8x2.5x2.5) (4x2x2) outside which isn't the best option. The back and sides of the tanks are insulated. i use schego titaniums at 600w because they wont shatter. the inkbirds have never missed a beat. i think they are a great option. i currently live in Cobar, so its hot in summer and cold (-2 overnight) in winter. I hope this helps. The Miner
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    Few pics this morning. I spooked the attenuatus before the shot so his colours faded a little
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    Welcome to the forum @The Miner and thank you for the insight. Good to know inkbird products are good.
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    please note the Illawarra meeting on Saturday 8/8/20 will be the AGM and no auction or raffle due to this and the Covid situation the committee has asked only members only to attend due to restricted numbers they hope to resume normal meetings on 13th September
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    had about 10/15 hatch.. waited a few days and placed them into a breeding net and they all escaped through the mesh into the tank ....lessons
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    off they go into a bucket with portable air pump and on my lap the whole way. its been 3 days in new tank and have not lost a single fry 😄 HORRAY
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    You could use Poret foam in the corner to cover you heater and water pickup. https://fish2water.com/corner-filter-hmfs.php I've used these filters in my tanks for 6 years now and never had to clean them and they do help to create a cleaner looking tank. It also means that for tanks which have canister filter I remove all the foam and add matrix to the filter trays.
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    @Beaz Yes mate, all good .. glad it all makes sense now ..
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    300W of Eheim heating power should do the trick. I've got an 250W Eheim Thermocontrol in my 5 x 2 x 2 (540 litres + sump), it's comfortably maintaining the water at 24 degrees in Canberra (although we have had a very mild winter to date).
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    @@Beaz Yes mate, good idea to learn about how the Europeans do it. Eheim is a German brand and built for those climates. Also they claim to be accurate with temp control as well. Good luck, let us know how you go. PS I use Eheim heaters and l like them. Even bought a new one for my display tank yesterday.
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    I use a 200w Hydor inline heater on my 210 litre tank in Canberra. It keeps the tank at a stable 24 degrees through winter, I usually turn it off completely through summer. The biggest Hydor I have seen on sale is a 300w, it wouldn't be enough for 600 litres. I don't think more than one inline heater per canister would work but it's an option to add an extra heater without having another in the tank.
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    Are you using canisters for filtration, you could go for an inline heather, nothing in the tank and you don't need to get your hands wet adjusting the temperature.
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    @Beaz I think heater with a thermostat would do the trick.. Eheim heaters are legendary.. Have a look in here. They work very well... Also what fish do you have in the tank ?
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    Hey guys My cousin did a video tour of my new fishroom a few weeks back. Check it out and subscribe to his channel if you're interested. I've setup the remaining tanks since these videos were recorded.
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    Seems like you are the man from the snowy mountains 🤣.. okay I get the picture.. Lets wait and see what the experts say.. Thanks for the explanation 👍
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    Update I bought the Fluval Planted 3.0 LED light for my set up. I will use it and provide an update in a few weeks. Thanks all for all your help.. Cheers M
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    I bought 4 makemyled lights, 3 full spectrum planted and a 10k along with light controllers, stands etc. Did 3 planted spectrum for my top tank (which was planted)and the bottom tank which had Tanganyikan's ended up with the 10k. His new stuff may be ok (dont know) but his older stuff is garbage. I got little customer support because it was a couple of years of use. I get it...it was outside 12 months of use (so I was told as well as being told that the drivers he was using at the time were faulty/unreliable). Would I blow quite a sizeable sum of money on these lights again...well no. Its not often I feel I was ripped but this wasn't one product failure, but 4 all in short succession by MMLED. Each section of every light failed in the end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJF0TO_Vvko
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    No mate, I have not tried too hard as of yet 🙂 he's on the crickets still, hard. I don't raise them myself, but get 600 at a time from Biosupplies and they live a cosy life here in a spare tank eating veges oats cardboardand good quality fishfood and each other (I guess because some legs seem to go missing). They live for weeks and weeks. I am keen to try to make them "hold" a pellet for me when I feed them to him and see how that works, as Link2Hell has mentioned. I recon It'll be a bit of fun at the very least. The Rasboras are all still there too. It's great.
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    This is the video I was thinking of
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    Got him taking pellets yet? Are you raising the crickets yourself? If you can't wean him off them the best you can do is gut load them with high quality vitamin enriched food.
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    @Beaz Thanks mate .. very much appreciate your help. Just found a YouTube video and looks good. Also found a 10% off voucher so I might jump in and get some once I have had a chance to read some reviews etc.
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    @MattG_Sydney Mate I do use their version 1 tubes they made a few years ago, but they have updated to new stuff since, which looks great. I like the panels. As far as the tubes go, they perform like on day one after about 6 years, no wear and tear (water/ rust/ calcium marks) at all. They have heaps and heaps of control options, I use the 24hr. programable controller. I'm pretty sure the new version has an app. Yes, definately, I have the old controller box and I think it''s quality mediocre. A mate has the newer version control box, I will have a chat and try to compare. I'll try to post a pic - never done that before 😕
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