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    I’m in France and my mother in law grows massive zucchini here! Thats a size US10 for reference!!
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    I have only been keeping cichlids since the beginning of the year but I have family that's had them for years. My uncle and cousins had cichlids throughout my early childhood so I used to see their fish often. Only thing I can remember though is my uncle's big red devil. I also remember going to Campsie aquarium a few times and seeing some massive fish in a display tank. First fish I got as a kid were some goldfish, shubunkins and koi in a pond my old man made in the backyard about 25 years ago (it's still running). I remember going to a house in Granville just off Woodville road. An old bloke lived there and had concrete ponds everywhere. We stocked the pond from there. About 12 months ago I decided I wanted to setup a fish tank so I got a cheap tank off gumtree and bought some peppermints, neons and german blue rams. That kept me happy for a couple months until my uncle and cousin talked me into going to the February meeting with them earlier this year and I learnt about tanganyikans. I've now got 17 tanks running in the garage.
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    Welcome back Adam AoA is still going just google Labyrinth (was Riverside) is still on 9th Ave Campsie and Andrew is always happy to talk cichlids there are also smaller Centrals like Sajica and Septemfasciatus around if you want to go that way I still like my Eheims and prefer a cannister over an internal on a stand alone set up unless it is large and a sump is an option plenty of good pick ups in the classifieds, Petlink, Gumtree and various Facebook groups You know you can't just stop at one