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Jun 12 2013 09:23 PM | Ged in Cichlids

Lake Malawi   Aulonocara baenschi "Nkhomo reef" Copadichromis borleyi " Kadango " Dimidiochromis compressiceps Labeotropheus fuelleborni Labidochromis caeruleus Lethrinops oculatus Melanochromis chipokae Melanochromis johanni Melanochromis maingan...

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Synodontis multipunctatus - Cuckoo Catfish

Jul 08 2005 12:42 PM | anchar in Catfish

Species article on Cuckoo Cats by Andrea Watts (anchar).

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Breeding Bristlenose

May 24 2005 04:20 PM | anchar in Catfish

This may help you... Information about Bristlenose catfish The humble bristlenose is one of the most commonly kept aquarium fish. They are a keenly sort after addition to aid in algae control and to form part of the clean up crew, consuming uneaten f...

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Fish TB or Mycobacteriosis

Jul 05 2015 10:07 PM | Link2Hell in Diseases and Treatments

Collection of information from Adrian Tappin on Mycobacteriosis posted by Chris (Link2Hell).

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Treating Hexamita aka Spironucleus with Epsom S...

Nov 07 2011 08:35 AM | RD. in Diseases and Treatments

Treating Hexamita (Spironucleus) can be a problem. Neil has provided an excellent outline on using Epsom Salt Solution

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Aulonocara baenschi "Nkhomo reef"

Jun 22 2005 02:46 PM | Ged in Lake Malawi

This particular peacock is one of the most stunning yellows, hence its large popularity.

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Protomelas sp. steveni "Taiwan reef"

Jun 22 2005 02:45 PM | Ged in Lake Malawi

Article by Daniel Lesich Species information Species: Protomelas sp. steveni "Taiwan reef" Synoma: Protomelas sp. "steveni taiwan", Protomelas fenestratus "taiwan reef", Haplochromis steveni Common name: Protomelas taiwan Origin: Lake Malawi, Afr...

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Sciaenochromis fryeri

Jun 22 2005 02:37 PM | Ged in Lake Malawi

Article by Misty62 Species Information     Species: Sciaenochromis fryeri Synoma: Sciaenochromis ahli, Haplochromis ahli, Haplochromis serranoides, Haplochromis "Big-Eye", Haplochromis "Electric Blue" Common name: Electric Blue, Electric Blu...

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Pseudotropheus saulosi

Jun 22 2005 02:28 PM | Ged in Lake Malawi

Article by Daniel Lesich Species:Pseudotropheus saulosi Synoma:Pseudotropheus sp. "Taiwan" Common name:saulosi Origin: Lake Malawi, Africa, Taiwan reef, Localities/Morphs:Taiwan Reef, 9 km NW of Chisumulu (Chizumulu) Island Maximum size:males 9-1...

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Pseudotropheus socolofi

Jun 22 2005 02:51 PM | Ged in Lake Malawi

Article by Paul Laurence Species information Species: Pseudotropheus socolofi Synoma: Pseudotropheus pindani Common name: Pindani, Eduard's Mbuna Origin: Endemic to Lake Malawi, Africa (East African Rift Lake) Localities/Morphs: Occurs along cen...

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