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All members who wish to use the Classified forums will need to apply for access. If you are approved your account will change from a Basic user to a Regular user and the Classifieds forums will magically appear. We do not normally contact you unless there is a problem with your application.

You just need to copy the form and paste it into an email. Remember when filling it out:

- All the blanks need to be completed. Full name means full name

- Your email address and phone number need to be correct. You can't use a free email account such as gmail, hotmail or yahoo. This is to protect all members from fraud.

- Your location needs to be updated in your ACE profile before you email the form.

- Add a sensible title like "Application for ACE Classifieds" and your username

- Please be assured that your information is confidential, with the exception of the police should a matter require their attention.

- If you have any questions about this, please email them to the address below before you send the form.

- Please copy and paste the following form into your email client, fill in the blanks and send it to (replace AT with the @ symbol).

-------------------------------------------------BEGIN FORM-------------------------------------------------------------

I, ________________ (full name), using the username _________ would like to apply for access to the ACE classifieds for buying and selling fish and Herp related products.

I understand that I am trading at my own risk and neither the ACE, it's owner, administrators or moderators take any responsibility for any incidents that occur as a result of this trading.

Once granted access, I agree to comply with the all of the "Classifieds Forum Terms of Use" and I understand that failure to do so may mean cancellation of my account.

I understand and accept that any posts I make that are deemed unacceptable by the ACE staff will be removed by them without notice.

I understand that the classifieds are for use only by private members, with the exception of the ACE advertisers.

Contact telephone number: ____________________

Location (Suburb + State): _____________________

---------------------------------------------------END FORM-------------------------------------------------------------

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