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  1. Thermometers

    I purchased a laboratory thermometer from a local hydroponic supply shop for about 15 bucks. I use this in all my tanks and trim the heater settings to get the value I want. Just give it a rinse between uses. Aside from one of my one hundred fishes dying last year my fish seem happy with the temperature set by this.
  2. Anyone used MH lighting

    I agree that shimmer you get and the caustic effect on the bottom is awesome. It's a result of the light being more of a point source (like the sun).
  3. Sexing Clown Loaches

    From my experience I'd say they are just fighting for dominance. I have 4 large clowns 15cm n2t and the second the third largest often have a tiff with the largest. (They also go completely gray sometimes when they do this).
  4. Anyone used MH lighting

    I have MH on both my tanks (all planted with geos and discus). I have 75W 10K globes. They look great and I have no problem with plants growing or controlling algae (ie. I have none at all). Here are some shots: http://picasaweb.google.com.au/mianos/Tank
  5. Same here. The 2-3mm gravel in one tank is always clean and the sand in the other is. On the other hand the filter wool gets very black very quickly.
  6. How long can fish go without food?

    I have feeders that have about 14 days of pellets for my tanks. On the other hand when I went away for two weeks (Cook Islands, nice) and when I came back one them did not work at all (the canister was just as full as when I left). I had no losses. The tank has 6 rasbora, 2 largish (14cm geos), catfish and large (10cm) clown loaches.
  7. Black stuff on Anubias

    My Bristlenose never ate it but SAE always did.
  8. Must read.

    It's a well written paper. On the other hand it's the same as the earlier ones. I suspect there is a department whose funding comes from producing this same paper once every few years.
  9. whats your favourite cichlid

    Geophagus. Still love them.
  10. G.Altifrons "AripuanaII"

    That last one is different from mine again (two spots on the side vs one faint one, if showing at all). Geos 2 (the black dots are from the glass).
  11. Or get someone to give you their tankwater when they do a water change and a filter element if they have multiple filter boxes. You got something that can hold 70% as much water as your tank and fit in the car?
  12. G.Altifrons "AripuanaII"

    Not those. They are the original ones that have lines on the tails. I'll get some shots of the other variant over the weekend.
  13. G.Altifrons "AripuanaII"

    My Geophagus cf Altifrons "Aripuana II" are very different to ozarowana's photos now and even as a juvenile they had a much more pronounced slope on the head. Now they are adult they look completely different to those shots. (I do agree most of the geophagus species look very similar when young).
  14. G.Altifrons "AripuanaII"

    http://www.mianos.com/main.php?g2_itemId=186 Who knows. The ones in that photo have lines. The more common ones have dots ont he tail like the photos. They all seem to have a high head.
  15. Catfish display tank

    In my experience the larger catfish (20cm+) will tend to hassle each other a lot more than the 10cm catfish in a 6 foot tank. I'd go for the smaller breeds.