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  1. Enjoy!
  2. He's My New Exotic Pet

    Although hedgehogs are legal to keep as pets here in HK, local pet shops actually are not allowed to sell them to the public and so it's a similar situation for keeping reptiles in NSW, but the keepers do not need to hold a permit to keep them though. If you would like to purchase one / two in the soon future, the only channel for you to get them is through local breeders who advertise threads like 'hedgies for sell' regularly in some of the local pet forums. There are a few people who are currently selling some young ones via those forums, otherwise you will need to travel to Taiwan to get some in pet shops and bringing them back to HK.
  3. He's My New Exotic Pet

    Yeah! He needs to be painted blue first in order to use the name Sonic! But I don't think he will like his new colour though.. :lol5: The species I'm currently keeping is a domestic dwarf hedgehog named "African White-Bellied Hedgehog (Atelerix albiventris)". The average size of an adult is about 8 inches in length and approx. 500g in weight. Believe it or not, hedgies are actually quite intelligent in nature as they can be litter trained just like dogs and cats! I have provided a little "toilet" for mine and he immediately knew how to poo and pee *exactly* at that place without causing any mess in there. He's just so smart! Hedgehogs are also very cauious but curious animals, I have observed mine for the whole day and found that he loves to explore things that are surround his housing area with care and extremely sensitive to any smells or noises. If anyone who would like to know more about how these little creatures behave, here is a good site which tells you everything about domestic hedgehogs that keep as pets.
  4. He's My New Exotic Pet

    Hi all, I've recently adopted a young male hedgehog from a friend. He's still being very shy and extremely fear of being touched by humans. Whenever get my hands close enough to him, he will just rolled himself into a spikey ball and made some huffing and puffing sounds which showed that he doesn't like to get tocuhed. But anyway, I've just tried to give him a bath last night and have also took some cute pics of him, he's just sooooooooooooooooooo lovely!!! I'll be patient to be friend with him. :wub Cheers
  5. Aqua Design Amano (ADA)

    ADA is actually not an unheard brand...they have been already in the overseas markets for a long period of time. Anyway, ADA is somehow different to eheim, fluval, or jbl...etc due to the fact that this brand is more specialised in providing products for planted tanks rather than just a brand providing a range of general aquarium products. I've bought some ADA fertilizers from overseas and used in my planted tank, they were very effective to get the plants growing healthier without algae bloom if use in a correct way. Some friends of mine in overseas are using ADA products *ONLY*, it's because they use these products to aquascape their planted tanks and then take photos to enter the ADA competition once every year.
  6. final got hit, my krib is dying...

    I suggest you should take out your krib boy and place him in the fridge...although it sounds very cruel but I think this is going to be the best option for him. It sounds like he is having a secondary fungus infection apart from its hole-in-the-head disease, making it even more harder to treat with medicines. However, I really doubt that the parasite that you saw on your heater was the one that caused the hole-in-the-head disease. It is because the "actual parasite" is invisible to human eye due to its microscopic size. Hole-in-the-head disease might not be caused by parasites, malnutrition might also cause this disease and so it might explain why your krib girl is not infected. If you don't want to freeze the boy, you can try to use Octozin as a base treatment for hole-in-the-head disease, while using fungus cure as another treatment for fungus disease. But the chance for recovery is predicted to be very low though...
  7. Alternative Foods for Apistos

    Hi there, I've been feeding mine with "New Life Spectrum Thera + A for Small Fish" as their staple diet for a couple of months, and so far the fish are doing very well and all have natural bright colourings on their bodies. However, you need to spend a little bit more $$$ if you are going to feed yours with this brand, but I reckon it's worth the value though. You can also get them some live/frozen brine shrimp, but I would not recommend you to feed them blood worms since they could easily catch some internal parasites and other diseases. HTH
  8. Is it a Lake Tanganyikan cichlid?

    Maybe someday Australia will allow the import of this beauty~ Just wait & see guys
  9. Is it a Lake Tanganyikan cichlid?

    The fish is definitely not from an Australian tank , and it is also not mine as well .
  10. Is it a Lake Tanganyikan cichlid?

    Thanks Mat. Yep, I think you are right. It does looks like a Ctenochromis (Haplochromis) horei The owner said it is very aggressive so I was wondering if it is actually a Lake Victorian cichlid instead. .... ooops Anyway, thanks for your help. Cheers
  11. Does anyone know what cichlid is this? The owner of this fish said it is from Lake Tanganyikan.... Thanks alot.
  12. Yeast types

    DIY CO2 won't harm your fish unless the liquid inside the bottle run into the tank.
  13. Pelvicachromis Pulcher

    Kribs are very good parents so I suggest that you should leave them with the fry until you see they start to loose control of the fry (that's about 3-4 weeks old).
  14. Mainganos have stopped breeding

    All you need is patient as well as feeding them well. Mine breed like rabbits regularly.
  15. Maingano and e.yellows will do very well in the same tank.