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  1. Hi john, Welcome back I no longer breed but have a 6x2x2 display tank one day I might get back into it
  2. Placidochromis sp. "Phenochilus Tanzania"

    Anyone selling these in Sydney?
  3. Dragon blood fry

    Do you think it will go away as the fry grows up, this is what the seller told me
  4. Dragon blood fry

    Iam not sure what cause the dot, maybe genetic
  5. Dragon blood fry

    Thanks for the heads up ged
  6. Dragon blood fry

    here is a pic, please cichlid experts tell me if this will go away with time
  7. Dragon blood fry

    I recently got some dragon blood fry some of them have black blotches and I was told that they will grow out of it. Is this true? Wish I could post a pic from my I phone
  8. Pillows on sale at target? Is it ok to use?

    They are fine, will ask them when I get home if they slept any better?
  9. Pillows on sale at target? Is it ok to use?

    I gave it a go, been three days now and the fish are fine
  10. Two pillows for 5 bucks!!!! Cheaper than buying filter matting on eBay, has anyone ever done this before? Should I leave it in the pillow casing material which is a fine mesh? Or cut it and take it out? Is this safe for my fish?
  11. best media for freshwater sump

    If there wasn't enough cyclical movement I was going to run an airline into it
  12. best media for freshwater sump

    I can see a lot of water movement and there is more water movement at the top near the inlet for the durso
  13. best media for freshwater sump

    In my weir overflow I have a durso about 4/5 of the way up and the weir is always filled with water, can I put k2 media in here or is it too dirty because the water hasn't gone through any mechanical filtration yet?
  14. Fluval zeolite

    Wish I could paste a photo of my sump from my I phone
  15. Fluval zeolite

    I already have a good filtration system and added the zeolite as an additional filter media. Iam not entirely going to rely on zeolite as a sole filtration media. The zeolite only represents probably an eighth of my total filtration media