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  1. Where to get cheap pond liner?

    not sure if you would be intersted but i have used a pool liner, looked in trading post and bought a large second hand GC pool liner for an above ground pool. Helps to see fish clearly as it is light blue ! has to be thoroughly cleaned and neutralized. May also be an idea to call manufacturer and make sure it doesnt have any nasties (antifungal chem) implanted (or however they do it ?) You can also purchase a rubber paint sealer for ponds and pool liners, its not that cheap but can help for peace of mind just a thought kurtis
  2. Where to find Neolamprologus ocelatus

    I have both blue and black occelatus, i have absolutely love these guys. I always have plenty of blues available, but the speciosus, thats another story, The golds are awesome I will admit, but !! if you keep the blues in the correct environment i believe they are just as/ if not more spectacular IMO anyway, im in queensland (sorry ) kurtis(at)
  3. Branching off from how many tanks ?

    greetings from queensland, this used to be my garage , got a little hot lately
  4. Update few pics pond

    good to see people actually completing that which we all daydream about Does it have a viewing window ? also wondering if you are putting substrate in ? well done ! kurtis