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  1. flick the little switch on the top left of the toolbar to turn it to bbcode mode.
  2. African road trip

    very cool mate! makes me want to book tickets right now...
  3. Tapajos Biotope tank progress.

    Loving the look of this tank mate! How does it look with the new plants?
  4. aulonocara hueseri?
  5. Pro painting or plasterer advise please

    As mentioned, some of those joins look like they need re taping and to be re plastered. Also gloss enamels will always make a plastered wall look average at best. Better off using a good quality acrylic low sheen like taubmans "endure' which has anti mould added. Also make sure you prime the gloss surface with a good undercoat before using another product to give adhesion. Acratex is a good product for hiding imperfections but would advise against it in the fish room as it's hard to clean and promote mould growth in a humid environment. Hope this helps cheers
  6. Male or female? (pic)

    You could try rearranging the rock work to change territories...
  7. 6x2x2 Malawi

    Looks great! Love this style of aquascaping....
  8. great shots mate! I saw a huge colony of these years ago in a 6x2x2 and they were BIG fish...
  9. Cichlid I.D.Please Help

    interruptus cross for sure.
  10. Very cool! Thanks for posting. Cheers Harry
  11. Mbuna stocking/specie

    M. Maingano?
  12. Very nice! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Cyathopharynx foai Cape Kabogo

    Hope you realise that there's both furcifer and foai cape kobogo. Would be a shame to grow some out and realise you have the wrong one!

    I had a colony of trewavassae a fews years back that produced a fair few 'marmalade cats'. A lot more than 1 in 1000. Some of them are nice, some are quite average depending on the colouring. Cheers
  15. young f1 aulonocara maulana

    some nice colour coming through there mark! are these bred from your bigger male?