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  1. Peppermint Sexing - Boy or Girl ?

    Thanks Skippy...
  2. Hi, I can tell common BN sex, but have not much experience with peppermint sexing. Need help sexing my peppermint approx 6-9cm from those that are more experienced. Thank you guys.    
  3. Aquaclear 110 on braced tank

    I have AquaClear300 (aka 70). I believed AC110 is just wider than AC70 - lip are same. If so, 2 inches, it wont fit. I had same issue, I had to file my AC300. Even if you file The Red arrow area to the max (not saying you can do it without cracking), it is only 38mm. I had to file mine about 5mm to fit my bracing.    
  4. Worming Fish?

    I read that some people treat their fish periodically (probably more in discus world? ). Is it necessary? Also a question comes to my mind... Will treating an established tank (with Levamisole) cause it to re cycle? What are your experience pls? Thanks.
  5. Electric Yellows

    These are 2nd generation collected since I started with yellows almost 2 years ago. I need better camera and tips for taking pictures..
  6. Memories

    Ummm...thanks. I think.
  7. Memories

    I was just thinking about them... I thought I share it with you guys... These were my 7 discus... Raised them from the size of 50c coin for approx 3.5 years to full size...(2005) And then there were 6... including the big bully on the left..... (strangely, it only targetted the little BD ) This is where I put them when I fiddled with their home... Now there are none! I guess, I poked the "O Crap happen" god one time too many.... Discus and fiddling... don't mix... Hopefully one day I get back into keeping discus...