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  1. best food for conditioning large malawi haps

    Not sure if that was for me. But thats exactly what i do.
  2. best food for conditioning large malawi haps

    I use the cheap frozen packets. They spraya chemical on the raw prawn to preserve it longer which will kill fish in your aquarium. But if you rinse off in some salt water and cook it removes the chemical and is safe for fish consumption. Hence why i cook them. 
  3. best food for conditioning large malawi haps

    Not so much haps but i usually give my americans cooked prawns once a week. My female bocorti didnt eat for 2 months after buying her got super skinny etc. Once she started eating id give her some cooked prawns and she stacked the weight on. But she is a pain cant even rearrange her tank without her going into a meltdown and not eating for a week or so. Havent been keen enough to add the male to the tank for that reason lol
  4. American Stocking question

    Tapajos firemouths and heckelli are all group positive fish so the more the better. Firemouths can be boisterous. Ive got a 4x2x2 with tapajos and have 8 in total with other fish like corys and rummynose and apistogramma and everything co-exsist peacefully. Id suggest going that option of 1 species of American in that group and adding other smaller additions.
  5. Black calvus

    Yeah aware of this. From what everyone has said ive got 2 females so ill just wait for abit and source a male later
  6. Sorry mate miss read myn is a Metriaclima fainzilberi "Maisoni Reef" not chilumba. I think parkesg were aswell. 
  7. Yeah they are. Ill have a few females in the next couple of weeks ill let you know when i have a few for sale. Of not parkesg has some for sale on this forum hes at moorebank i think
  8. Insulation

    Wondering how people insulate their garages for summer. I still want my garage door to work as a garage door.  My house is brick with 2 garage doors drive through garage and 2 access doors and and 1 window double garage. Trying to avoid chillers or an AC unit. 
  9. cyprichromis leptosoma livua

    Went to labyrinth while i was in sydney today and he had 17 of these guys so i bought them all. Ill pick them up in a few weeks once im ready for them. Pretty happy with the numbers ive got seeing as i was only going to get 10 and i thought the 6fter might look bare with only the 10. Going to get some form of tang sand sifter for the lower half of the tank. Callochromis pleurospilus kigoma is the main 1 i have in myn. Also xenotilapia papilio kanoni is another im thinking. Mainly because andrew has them breeding at the moment so availability. 6ft tang tank is coming along nicely. Wondering where best place to buy lake salts and a few buffers are for pH. Im not 1 to usually chase a pH but my water with coral substrate etc is usually around the 7.8 so probably need to up it abit. But if anyone has breed these around that pH and had good results i probably wont bother.
  10. Few pics of my geos

    4x2x2 have 2 at the moment buying a further 4 tomorrow. Both myn are males and the dominant killed my other 4 when they were 5cmish. Hoping to get some females tomorrow. They are with rummynose tetras corys kribensis apistogramma double reds and a few BN. Great fish.
  11. cyprichromis leptosoma

    Did actually see that. But im saving alot going livua. Seen it after i found and committed to the ones im getting lol
  12. metriaclima fainzilberi maisoni reef

    I havent really got to many to be honest hes hard to get a decent photo off and when i go close to the tank with the camera he looses that spark lol
  13. Tank pics

    Yeah so did i.