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  1. I Have Bred Black Ghost Knife's

    Thanks Frenchy, you turned this thread from being a "brag" into an informative one.
  2. Mixing GT and Fronts

    I agree with Simon. Do not put green terrors with frontosa. You'll end up with one of your fish living in water that is not suited to them. You'll also have more chance of having hole in the head with the green terror the closer the pH gets to 8.0. (this is my point of view and I have personally experienced this).
  3. AR620 lighting

    I think you'll find that you have to buy special globes for the AR620 from the manufacturer. Normal globes won't fit. Even if it does fit, I would use the money to buy a bigger tank. The tank you have is only 2 foot and your geophagus will outgrow it when they reach adult size if you have a "few".
  4. Steatocranus casuarius (Lionheads)

    I have a pair of these fish. They are great fish and I am sure you will be happy with their unique look and way of getting around. They are very easy to breed but can become big sooks when they get picked on by other fish. They look mean but they are really whimps at heart who like to retreat back into their cave after they have stirred up some trouble. I keep them in water with a pH of around 7.8.
  5. Texan Help

    Do you have a light on the aquarium? To reduce the stress on your new fish I would leave the light turned off all the time. Then try feeding her and you might have some luck.
  6. Johanni Terror

    You should get more females. Assuming that you have 1 male and 2 females then that just isn't a very good ratio. I would get another two females if I were you otherwise you you might find a female johanni floating at the top of the tank one morning. BTW there are two types of johanni. Before you get the extra females, make you you know which type you have.
  7. Torn gill cover....

    I have had this happen in convicts before. It never grows back.
  8. Happy Birthday Cichlid_boy

    Happy birthday Travis, hopefully your love of Cichlids hasn't gotten you kicked out of your apartment because I haven't seen you online for a while.
  9. AQUARIUM hunting Need Recommendation

    I don't think St George is open on Sundays. Slippery Little Suckers seems to be the best fish shop for rare catfish in Sydney.
  10. Melanochromus Interuptus/Johani

    I still think you will find that M. johanni have horizontal stripes and M. interuptus have a checkerboard pattern. People who have so call johanni which have a checkerboard pattern really have M. interruptus.
  11. Melanochromus Interuptus/Johani

    As far as I am aware Melanochromus johanni has stripes whereas the Melanochromus interuptus has a checkerboard pattern (that is why it is called the checkerboard johanni).
  12. Fish ID

    The second one looks like a Melanochromis interruptus (checkerboard johanni) that hasn't seen a female in a long time.
  13. Import list

    Nigel, thanks for keeping us updated.
  14. Completely Off Topic

    Just follow the smell.