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  1. is it normal for tiger oscars

    is it normal for tiger oscar's to have white spots on them? i have a little tiger oscar white spots on him
  2. limestone in tank question

    we were wondering you can put clean limestone in a tank or how do you get limestone rocks clean enough to put in a oscar tank dose it need ti be treated at ? any info would be great thankyou
  3. Just a question on Oscar's and Livingstonii

    that helped me heaps thankyou so much
  4. Just a question on Oscar's and Livingstonii

    thankyou what breeds can you put with the oscar's?
  5. Best Cichlid tank size question

    i know i have a livingstonii ill find the names of the others ill ask hubby
  6. Can baby oscar's go into a tank with baby livingstonii?
  7. i was just wondering what is the best size tank for Cichlids? we have 9 little babies atm in a 4fter will that okay for them when they grow or is a bigger tank in order? thanks