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  1. Brent's 4 Foot - Malawi Tank

    Took a few pictures of my current fish in display tank, im unsure of sex in red fin borlyei and orange/blue peacock... any ideas? Blue Peacock - 3 1/2" Hongi - 2 1/2" Peacock - 2 1/2" Red fin borlyei - 3" Venustus, electric blue & dolphin - 2" to 2 1/2"
  2. Leaking tank from rocks weight

    I'll check this thanks, the panels are attached too each other & via black alloy stripping on sides. It was actually made from sky scraper glass as it has decals on bottom of tank. Theres a pic of it in photography section on this forum.
  3. Leaking tank from rocks weight

    Hello, the tank is quite old i got it 2nd hand, i re-siliconed the inside but havn't pulled glass and alloy corner bracing off to re-silicone. The glass thickness is efficeient it's 10-12mm on 4 foot tank (270litres). Thats a very good point about it breaking, im unsure what i should do now.
  4. Leaking tank from rocks weight

    Hello, i was just wondering has anyone had any troubles of so much rock in tank that it causes glass to warp and make tank leak. I have probably over 50kgs of rock and my tank started leaking after 2 months, i took some rock out (10kgs) and seems to have stopped/slowed down. I have plastic crates on bottom to distribute weight and sand. Is there any type of rock that isnt so heavy? Or should i just stick to less rock? Cheers brent
  5. Brent's 4 Foot - Malawi Tank

    Thanks for replys guys Here's a link of the LED light bar, it puts out an awsome light the gleams water and my plant in there seems to be growing nice from it (even though cichlids attack it at times) I was looking around for ages for a decent LED bar with a good price, they come in 6700k (daylight), red and royal blue & many more with and without dimmer. The dimmer is great you can represent moonlight.
  6. Brent's 4 Foot - Malawi Tank

    I recently got some additions to my tank, Cree led light bar, 1500lph cannister filter with UV light, 5% tint film background, 4000lph wave maker, more rocks & shells & 1 male dragon peacock, 1 hongi male, 1 venustus, 1 male blue peacock. Heres a picture.. a few fish arnt in picture
  7. Problems with malawi bloat

    Cheers for the info mate, my missus always tells me there hungry haha maybe she is putting food in when im not looking.
  8. Problems with malawi bloat

    Thanks alot for info mate, ill try the vets asap. How much food do you recomend to feed my fish? With flakes and pellets? I think i might try once a day for 30-seconds to 1 minute Thanks brent
  9. Problems with malawi bloat

    Thanks mate ill look out for that product, i'm checking my local shop today for medications but i dout ill have any luck. Cheers brent
  10. Problems with malawi bloat

    Thanks mate, i have never seen metronidazole sold in the local shops or do they call it something different? I'm pretty sure this fish is gone.. its got worse seems to hide most of the time and hang to bottom ill give him 2 days lol. After he's gone ill treat whole tank with metronidazole.
  11. Problems with malawi bloat

    Thanks for info mike, this disease is a pain i tell ya... Problem is i have that much rock in tank i cannot catch the fish... I have some multi-purpose treatment but dont have any metronidazole. Would this multi-purpose treatment be any good? It has machite green in it plus a few other ingredients, although i don't want to use it from turning silicone green. Thanks brent
  12. Problems with malawi bloat

    Hello, im still having problems with bloat. I think another fish (firefish peacock) has it, i've been feeding twice per day of what they can eat in 1min or so. In morning i feed pellets about 10 1mm pellets to 9 fish, and at night i feed spirulina/vege mix flake of what they can eat in 1min or so. Could it be the tank has a parasite in it? Or can i be over feeding that much? My tank has 1 - 1500lph cannister external filter with UV light and 1 - 1200lph internal filter its 250Litres tank. Thanks brent
  13. Feeding Malawi Cichlids

    The fish i lost were electric yellow & peacock firefish. Its 4ft tank with 2 internal 1500lph filters and airstone.
  14. Feeding Malawi Cichlids

    Hello, i recently lost 2 fish to malawi bloat and was just wondering how often people feed there malawi cichlids with what amount? I've been feeding mine HBH attack pellets & HBH spirulina just unsure on how often to feed them since losing 2 fish to bloat. Also can bloat be contagious? I done a water change after fish died of 30%.
  15. Epson Salts

    Thanks alot mate, yer i dont think i could justify paying the money for retail water conditioner every time. Cheers brent