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  1. my robertsoni

    I assumed he due to the dorsal extension, maybe not?
  2. my robertsoni

    This guy lives in my only other tank still running after the big shutdown. This is also a fish I was never meant to get, the story goes I was buying some cardinal tetras and this guy accidentally found his way into their bag (the guy at the shop wasn't to bright). At the time he was tiny (about half a cm) and was in a tank with a whole big group that must have been the previous batch of fry from the owners private pair. Anyway I knew what he was and I didn't want him creating havoc in any of my community tanks, but I happened to have a tank with L201's that I had set up and figured he could go in there and see if he made, it seeing as he was soo tiny Needless to say he did, and is currently about 7inches (I have never ever had a fish that grew as fast as this guy). He's a great fish, and for obvious reasons I couldn't bring myself to shut down his home. Here it is And a few pics of him They're not the best pics as he is pretty shy, and he is heaps more colourful when the mood strikes him, but you guys get the idea. He still shares his home with the 201's, but there's no way I'm getting pics of them, talk about rare birds. For the first 3 months I had them I was sure they were dead Anyway, hope you all enjoy Kerrin
  3. Getting back to cichlids

    Thanks for the replies folks, At this stage I don't intend to add anything more to this set up, I think these 2 species will get along fine with minimal aggression and hopefully there is enough rock work and numbers to keep the demasoni aggression to a minimum, While there are a few other mbuna I would love to have in there, I don't want to be pulling things out to rescue fish and watching the tank in despair as war breaks out ongoing Thats the plan anyway Kerrin
  4. Hey folks, It's been a long time since I've been active on here. I have had a number of different tanks since the tang community and went right the way down the planted route with high light and c02, had some species tanks and some L numbers, and some big planted communities. Due to other interests I found my time for the tanks becoming less and less and they started to become a chore. I sold up the tangs a couple of months ago and the other day I made the decision to shut down 4 of the 5 remaining tanks. My intention was to go back to basics and have 1 or 2 display tanks that I could enjoy and maintain properly. I really wanted to get back into mbuna as I haven't kept them for about 8 or so years and I miss the antics so I decided that I would turn the 4ft community into a malawi tank. I pulled it all down, and with the store credit from my various fish and plants set it up again for some cichlids. One of the bonuses of using an established tank is no cycle, just looked after the eheim during the down time and got it all up and running again. It is now home to 10 juvie demasoni, and 6 juvie yellow labs Here's a shot of the tank and some of the inhabitants Hope you all enjoy, here's looking forward to cichlids again Kerrin
  5. Apistogramma

    Cheers gingerbeer, I was using the ventrals as a guide as well but up until about a month ago all 4 of them had black lines through their ventrals so that was what my assumption was based on. The dorsal extension and behaviour over the last 2-3 weeks has been what I think has sealed if for me
  6. Apistogramma

    Yeah that's a good question, hopefully they are doing well. I haven't got a good shot of the tank that the abacaxis are in but here's one of the tank that the trifasciata is in, this is the tank that's responsible for my inactivity on here It's been great learning about another facet of the hobby, and as everything is, a steep learning curve but I think it's evolving nicely
  7. Apistogramma

    It's been a while since I've been on here, been doing some other aquarium related things, getting stuck right into planted tanks, and the tang tank is looking a little worse for wear, but everything keeps on breeding in there so it's all good. My friend recently picked up a DSLR and has left it with me for a play around so I thought I'd heck up some pics of my apisto's Firstly my Apistogramma sp. abacaxis. I originally thought I had all females, but over the last few weeks there has been some changes with one of them, and a pair has formed so I'm stoked. The male is still young so not fully coloured yet, but he looks great I think. Here's the pair And the female, I seriously wouldn't mess with her, she's staunch! And the young male, Glen i'd love your thoughts on whether I am right here And something I picked up yesterday on an impulse, I couldn't pass it up, and he will be very happy sharing a very heavily planted 2ft with 19 cardinals I think Hope you all enjoy!
  8. The reward!

    I counted about 8 or 9 eggs, and currently she is 1 of 3 holding. I just had to offload some fry from an earlier batch to my lfs as they were taking up my 1ft, which now houses the last 20 odd I stripped which were in a fry saver, which is now free for the coming batch..... Rabbits!
  9. Malawi Cichlids and Sandstone Pavers

    I'm not sure about cheap cichlids in the sydney area, but I would suggest that you keep an eye out in the classifieds section on here, if you haven't already then you should apply for access. I have found purchasing fish of other members to be much cheaper than stores, the quality to be much better, and you get to meet other hobbyists. I would think that if your tank is cycled then you would be able to add around 50% of your current stock each time, and each new introduction should be around a week apart to give your bacteria enough time to catch up with the increase in bioload. With regards to your peacocks, I would suggest that you stay with all male if you want to keep them all in the same tank. Peacocks will interbreed, and you will end up with a whole tank full of hybrid fish that you will be unable to sell on here, and that you well be encouraged to not sell to stores. the Aulonocara group of fishes has suffered greatly already through hybridisation damaging lines, and it doesn't need further problem. If you do wish to have a go at breeding, you may need a few tanks that you can house separate strains, maybe at least 3ft as these fish like to swim, and do get big-ish. A set up like this will allow you to breed these fish much more easily, and they are often up for sale as full set ups either on here or in petlink. Good luck!
  10. The reward!

    As I write this I am witness to something I have been waiting to see for a long while now. After multiple batches of fry and holding females, and many many courting displays I finally tonight witnessed my Utinta spawning. I watched, and am still watching as egg after egg is dropped, caught and fertilised! and I have to say it's a great sight. I apologise for teasing without an accompanying video, but I didn't want to risk interrupting the business at hand! Needless to say I'm pretty chuffed, and also amazed at just what these fish can hold in their mouths....
  11. NSWCS Illawarra Branch Major Auction

    I picked up 2 L201's, dropped a bomb on them but happy to have got them. It seems everyone was after catfish, good thing so many BN's went through . Had a really good night, the missus didn't necessarily agree though
  12. Disaster!

    Nitrates were minimal, stocking was very low for the size of the tank
  13. Disaster!

    Turned out to be velvet, also got a lot worse very quickly but I've come out the other side ok. All up 4 201's and 3 333's lost in a 24hr period, could have been worse though
  14. lights off photo's

    I don't know about master haha, but thank you all for your kind words! I have noticed that the more tanks you put together the more structure they get! I think with this one I was just lucky to get happy healthy plants, they did all the work for me!
  15. White Spot treatment and L catfish

    Ichonex shouldn't harm your 333's, I have a 2.5cm 201 in a fry saver in a tank that I have just treated with a 3 day cycle and it has not been harmed by it