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  1. Need a new sump pump

    thanks for that Chuckmeister. Ill check out what AOA have on offer Cheers
  2. Need a new sump pump

    Hi All So it has finally happened after many years of operation my trusty sump pump has died now I'm just wondering what should i replace it with. I currently have an old resun pump in there but I don't trust it for the long term. So my question is what pump should i be looking at getting? it would run 2 standard 4 foot breeding tanks with a 4 foot sump currently stocked with Salousi, Duboisi, and Leleupi along with some bristle nose as the cleaning crew. Thanks again guys. Cheers
  3. Need an ID

    Congrats on the mouthfull
  4. lost 4 small bristle nose in one day, please help!

    Howdy Shamrock Can i ask what size were the BN? I breed and sell these little guys and tend not to sell them till they are about 2.5-3cm in length. They are a little delicate at the smaller sizes. Cheers
  5. Need an ID

    No worries dude... I have a couple of young Hongi left over from my last batch if your interested none of them have shown any male characteristics yet and they are sitting at about 4cm at the moment.
  6. thoughts on leleupi

    Thanks for the Input guys. I picked up my to new members on the weekend and let me tell you not disapointed they are a beautiful orange and settling in very nice. I will try and upload some photos in the coming days. Just wodering do you think for them 2 alone a 2 foot tank will suffice? Cheers
  7. thoughts on leleupi

    Hi guys So I'm finally picking up my first pair of leleupi on Sunday. Been told they are a bonded breeding pair. Been wanting to get my hands on some of these guys ever since I first saw them. What are your thoughts, advice on breeding and raising these guys? Cheers
  8. Aging water

    I have a drum that I fill up with water and conditioner to do tank top ups etc. I leave an air stone in it to keep circulation. With the chlorine and chloramines removed from the water it tends to form a slimy layer on the inside of the drum after about a week but I have used this water in all my systems and it doesn't seem harmful to the fish. In fact I once placed on of my small suckers in there for a couple of days and fished him out again and he was super fat and no sliminess left. Hope this helps
  9. Grow Out Tank

    You could also use platic storage containers. You can pick em up at bunning or the reject shop pretty cheap.
  10. Prime Alternative

    I use Prime as my main. I have recently run out and been using API's water conditioner for my changes and that has been working a treat just works out more expensive as it isn't a concentrate. Been looking at an inline dechlorination to do an overflow system. They are pricey up front but they process like 350000 litres 9 LPM http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=4073&catID=36
  11. Need an ID

    Yeah i can normally tell around the 5 cm mark. My males tend to flare up and get a really nice orange on their fins when they display to each other. Those 3 up top look like males showing off to each other. What size are they at the moment? Cheers
  12. Need an ID

    Howdy Leyson They look identical to my Hongi. I have dark sorroundings for my guys so they are dark like in the pics you provided. Hope that helps Cheers
  13. What fish should i breed

    Hi Everyone. Thanks so much for the feed back. I know hobbies are always gonna be a money pit. We do it for the love not the riches right i have decided to try and move some of my colonies on and free up some space for fish i find interesting. Maybe the leleupi who know :D thanks again guys. Cheers
  14. What fish should i breed

    thanks for the input guys. I will check out some cichlids and see what takes my fancy . I must say i would love some frontosa but seems my tank may not be adequate. what do you guys think of leleupi? I saw some at my lfs and was impressed by the Orange/yellow colour of them.
  15. What fish should i breed

    Hi Sloory Its a big 4 footer. atleast 2 foot deep and about 1.5 foot wide. i have always liked tropheus Cheers