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  1. Geophagus sp.

    Anyone know of any cv's about? after some juvies or adults
  2. lol Tank space and the distance!
  3. Nice pics once again Ronny! Ive really taken a liking to these fish, I contemplated buying yours dazzman!
  4. Electric blue scientific names

    what lfs is it? if its Campbelltown pet and aquarium, the fish in the displays are fed colour enhancing foods that's why they are colourd
  5. Albino Haps in OZ

    I know someone with albino red empress aswell, probably the same person fishinf is talking about.. no hes not on here and there still only small and not near breeding yet
  6. Buying WC Frontosa

    im guessing keysborough aquarium Damo
  7. Silicon Curing Time

    i would be using bostik v2 silicone, i know abyss sell it as they use it to build their tanks i think Le Aquatic also sell it which is prob closer to you? v2 is designed for aquariums,, http://www.abldistribution.com.au/p-8019-rhodorsil-v2-hi-performance-glazing-silicone.aspx
  8. Silicon Curing Time

    i understand why your worried tho and not wanting to make mistakes alot of $$$$ there
  9. Silicon Curing Time

    yep its enough time, 24hrs is enough ive put caves ive made the day before in my L's tank.. what silicone are you using? just give it a good wash after its cured
  10. Silicon Curing Time

    3 days is plenty of time before you add water
  11. Sealant for Driftwood?

    Purigen will get rid of tannins from the water
  12. First impressions of New Era fish food.

    you can squeeze the pellets together to make bigger ones
  13. First impressions of New Era fish food.

    Does any one know if the mini marine grazer will be ok for tropheus to eat?
  14. Update on my Tang Tank

    dont worry found him, ill send you a msg on fb
  15. Update on my Tang Tank

    looks good, any idea where i could get one?