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  1. Few pics of my geos

    Great looking fish. 
  2. cyprichromis leptosoma

    Depends on locality and if they are wild caught or not.    Could range from $15-20 to $100 +
  3. 6x2x2.5' (2 Tier) Journal

    Do you have a link to something similar? Not sure I am following as well as I should be.
  4. 6x2x2.5' (2 Tier) Journal

    Yeah someone else suggested the sprinklers on the bottom to me. Will see how I go as more k1 is added, if it starts to struggle i'll get in there an young it around. The thought of sticking my head in that drum today is not a pleasant one.  Will definitely look into the wedge wire - you had my at self cleaning. I'm sure the mech filtration will need to be revised at some point. Wedge wire is essentially like creating a drum filter yeah? Thanks for the tips.
  5. 6x2x2.5' (2 Tier) Journal

    The return to the top would be very simply. Instead of having the external return pump, pumping to the bottom tank i'd just extend it to the top tank and let the overflow flow into the tank below and then into the filter. Very easy but effective. Wouldn't require any more power or anymore equipment at all, just some extra plumbing.
  6. 6x2x2.5' (2 Tier) Journal

    Have to wait and see about the 'something bigger' will do a journal when the time comes.    Got around to finishing off the filtration - it's about time too, this has been a very slow burn this project.  The filter is made out of a '55 gallon dangerous good drum' bought brand new for $110. The idea behind the filter/reactor is to have enormous biological capabilities. I am a big fan of k1 and have gone that way again. So far I have 50L of brand new K1 media tumbling away. Everything is plumbed in and the heaters have been turned on, am waiting for the water to get to the correct temperature and then I will add around 5-10L of mature K1 media from the sump of my 8x3 to seed the new filter. I have also already added about 100g of white bait to the system to act as am Ammonia source for cycling purposes. I also find that adding something like white bait (or another semi-oily fish) also helps speed up the bio-film on the k media and gets it tumbling properly quicker. I am using a Pond One 70L/min air pump to move the media. Instead of using air stones I have connected irrigation hosing straight to the air pump - and run a line straight to the bottom of the drum and created a closed loop. I then inserted some tiny sprinklers into the irrigation loop (see image below) - as air is pumped through these sprinkler it is chopped up into nice big coarse bubbles and tumbles the media well -    50L of K1 media - you forget how white it starts off as when you have been looking at fully mature media for so long -  The K1 is also moved a bit by the water coming into the drum - this is just being gravity fed from the overflows that have been installed in the tanks. There is a small area for mechanical filtration that the water first needs to pass through before getting to the k1 media. This is super simple just a suspended basket that is easy to access and change out filter wool. I may revise this later and make the area bigger, wait and see how regularly I am changing out the wool.    I have also cut a piece of twin wall polycarbonate for a lid for the drum - to reduce noise, reduce humidity and trap heat. I just cut some holes for the intakes with a hole saw (will get a pic later). Also makes it look a bit neater. The filter and set up probably isn't going to win any beauty contests but it has a certain industrial type appeal that I like.  The thing that I am interested to see is how much K1 media I can get effectively tumbling. I have already noticed that the 50L of K media in the drum is already tumbling great. It took my sump K chamber a good while to get going with biofilm (the drum and sump are both powered by the exact same type of air pump). I put this down to the shape of the barrel being much more suited to a K media situation than a square/rectangular chamber of an aquarium sump. Most people say 1L/min air per 1L of k media. So far I have 70L/min air for 50L and it is tumbling it straight out of the packet very well. Am thinking I could easily go with 100-120 - possibly 150L of k1 media. Will just keep adding more slowly over the next few weeks. Destroyed my fish room getting the filter ready, will clean it up and get some better pics in the coming days.   Bonus pic -  Male Monoc' lucky bloke shares the tank with 4 females and no other males.         
  7. 8x3x2.5 Tank Journal

    Sure is. Only about 1/3 of the way along, so she's packed on a lot of size very quickly. 
  8. 6x2x2.5' (2 Tier) Journal

    Yeah, I haven't moved fish tanks in many years. Not going to be fun moving two 6x2x2.5's whether they are set up or not, the 8x3x2.5 will also be a big pain in the behind.  I may have something even bigger than the 8 footer that will be revealed in good time
  9. 6x2x2.5' (2 Tier) Journal

    It's really no big deal, learnt not to sweat the little things. If it doesn't work out I have some nice black racking for storage in my garage.  In reality the bowing is minimal and probably is what is to be expected, I'm guessing the foam and wood would counteract it anyway. May fill the top tank this weekend while I am home and see how it goes - bowing about 5mm in the very center compared to the joins on the uprights. The wife and I are looking at a couple of houses at the minute and a move could easily be on the cards at years end. Other option is just run the one tank for now and just get a proper stand made up when we move. Really bothered very little.  
  10. 6x2x2.5' (2 Tier) Journal

    Thanks mate. Bottom tank is all plumbed up. I filled the bottom tank first and saw there were some bowing the in cross beams - not a massive amount but enough to make me think twice. The racking is weight rated at 2200Kg from memory and the tank/water weighs ~1,000kg. Cut out a couple pieces of wood and used them as supports in the middle of each beam, which seems to have eliminated any bowing in the cross beams. Not sure where the chance it with the top tank just yet or get a proper stand made.   Will whack up some pics when I've completed the filter. Making it with a large dangerous goods drum (from memory a couple hundred litres), will have a prefilter for mechanical filtration and the rest will be k1 media. Have already plumbed the tank to the drum - using a uniseal - never used one before and have heard horror stories or people having leaks. So far its been full of water for a week without any leaks. 
  11. 8x3x2.5 Tank Journal

    Pups are moved as soon as they are noticed, have had a few over the years get chewed on by the adult rays (no deaths though). The Bass are too stupid to get ahold of the ray pups, it is the adult rays that concern me more.
  12. 6x2x2.5' (2 Tier) Journal

    Wow this project has been a slow burn. Finally got the tanks onto the stand over the weekend - looks pretty cool but also looks like a bit of a monstrosity! Really should have just gone 6x2x2 rather than 6x2x2.5.   I ordered the return pump last week for the filter I am making - should arrive this week. Then I am out of excuses, hopefully have water in them this weekend. Hopefully the stand holds!  
  13. 8x3x2.5 Tank Journal

    Thanks for the kind words. Yes the tank is still running. There are now only 5 bass (1m 4F). I recently went overseas for almost two months, so wanted to decrease the bioload in my absence so some bass had to go. In reality 10 was too many. The big boy male is some fish now, 45cm long as thick as a brick. All the rays have also grown a lot and have started to have pups also. Biggest girl has a disk diameter of 45cm + .    
  14. Electric eel

    Josh - seems photo bucket may have done a backflip - everything seems to be working again!