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  1. Videos of some of my Malawi and Tangs

    they are a really nice fish especially when the male get big and green/blue color
  2. Videos of some of my Malawi and Tangs

    Hi Buccal, I will put up some photos although I am confident they are praeorbitalis, the furcicauda get more yellow under the belly and throat mine do not have any yellow coloration.
  3. Videos of some of my Malawi and Tangs

    Not bad havent had any issues my tanks are 3x2x2
  4. Some videos of my various colonies majority are growing and are just reaching sub adult stage. Protomelas Annectens and Tropheus Bemba Cyprichromis Leptosoma "Kitumba" and Neolamprologus Buescheri "Kamakonde" Placidochromis Phenochilus "Tanzania" and Psuedotropheus Elongatus "Neon Spot" Copadichromis sp "Kawanga Dark Blue" and Sciaenochromis Spilostichus type Otorpharynx sp Spts "Sani" and Neochromis Omnicaeruleus "Makobe" Labidchromis "Nkali", Lethrinops Marginatus and T aeniolethrinops Praeorbitalis Lamprologus Speciosus Lamprologus Ornatipinnis John
  5. Fish room vid

    Nice fish
  6. Taiwan Reefs - sexing

    agree with Chris
  7. NSWCS October Major Auction

    and buy more as well
  8. NSWCS October Major Auction

    Maybe a peacock such as the jacobafreibergi
  9. NSWCS October Major Auction

    you may need to get the tanks fired up for this auction
  10. NSWCS October Major Auction

    only 1 week away so whats everyone bringing to the major auction this saturday
  11. NSWCS October Major Auction

    will anyone be bringing down calico long fins?
  12. NSWCS October Major Auction

    maybe some day in the future I also hope there are some nice tangs there especially shellies
  13. NSWCS October Major Auction

    Anyone bring any lethrinops marginatus?