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  1. OT. Kinda. What does "IMO" mean?

    There is also IMHO = In My Humble Opinion Rick
  2. Off topic pics

    Nice shots there Lepperfish I think I need to get out of the house a bit more so I can get some more pics to put up here Rick PS What was trhe Navy up to with that bobcat?
  3. My Plecos :P

    Nice pics there Anthony. That gibbiceps looks awesome One of these days I am going to upgrade my Bristlenose cats to plecos. What types of Plecos are available in Australia these days? What I would really like is a Zebra pleco, but I understand these guys are rare even in the US. Rick
  4. My Male Pseudotropheus saulosi

    I purchased him from a local breeder in Feburary last year when he was around 3 months old so he is nearing the 2 year mark. He is the dominant male in the tank and there is currently one other male saulosi, 2 female saulosi and 6 juvenile Melanochromis cyaneorabdhos "Maingano". Prior to getting the Maingano I had another 2 male saulosi and about a dozen juvenile saulosi. My tank is 36"x15"x18" and now that the other two males are gone everyone is getting along rather well. I am hoping that the 6 Mainganos will fit in when they have grown up a bit, but I suspect I may have to remove a couple if I end up with too many males. Even though the saulosi and Maingano are similar colours, they don't appear to be too concerned with each other. The image above is cropped down from 3072x2048 to about 1100x800 and then resized to 600x450. With the lens I currently have (EF 28-105 f3.5-4.5 USM II) that is about as big as I can get. The shot was taken from about 60cm at 105mm and the minimum focal distance on the lens is 50mm. I am hoping to get a macro extension that I can use to reduce the focal distance, but I am not sure if it will improve my pictures too much. One of the problems I am having is trying to balance image size with Depth of Field. Currently I am getting a DoF around 1cm which isn't too bad for the predominatly side on shots, but when I am taking shots from an angle or head on, the tail is often very out of focus. One of the things about DoF is that if the image size is increased, either by getting closer or using a longer lens, the DoF will decrease. So, if I do fill the frame with the fish, I will reduce my DoF to a point where most of the body is out of focus. Rick
  5. Hi guys, I was asked to post this pic in another forum so I thought I may as well stick it up here too. I have been trying to take some decent pictures of him for a while now, but most of them just don't capture his true glory. This one is close, but you really have to see him in the flesh. I think a lot of it is the attitude he has when he is just cruising around the tank Rick Edit: Shouldn't have copied the name from another post
  6. Maylandia estherae

    I had some Tangerine zebras a few years ago but they certainly were not as colourful as those pictures at the top. In fact, mine did not colour up much beyond the pale orange colour they were when they were fry. I still see Tangerines in the fish shops around Canberra but with all the other more colourful Mbuna getting around I would be surprised if the sold many of them. WRT aggression, my Male was very aggressive and would chase any fish in the tank. It didn't take him long to harrass the other male to the point where I had to remove him. When I first got the Tangerines, I had some adult Peacocks and Electric Yellows and the juv zebra would still beat them up even though they were more than twice his size. I would however, be interested in trying them out again if they coloured up like the pictures at the top. Rick
  7. Fish shots with flash

    That shadow lookslike it is due to the lens getting in the way of the flash. An external flash should fix that problem. Some other source of external light will reduce the shadow, however, it will still be there. The other option is to make sure the fish is in the upper part of the frame and crop the bottom of the image. Rick
  8. Fish shots with flash

    Those pics look great How do you think they compare with you other pics without the flash? From the few fish shots that I have seen you post so far, I think these ones are much sharper and clearer. Some fo the other shots had a little motion blur in them and these definitely don't. What sort of fish is the light blue/green one in the upper centre of the first pic? Rick
  9. Off topic pics

    Here are a couple more pictures of flowers. THese two were taken by my wife at Floriade which is currently on in Canberra. Enjoy. Rick
  10. Off topic pics

    The colours in that sunrise are just amazing Here is a picture of one of the Camelias in our back yard.
  11. Off topic pics

    Yes, all of the EF series lenses as well as the new EF-S lenses work on the 20D. The EF are common across all the Canon EOS cameras but the EF-S only work with the 10D, 20D and 300D. The EF-S takes advantage of the smaller size of the CMOS Sensor used in those cameras compared to 35mm film. This allows them to make a shorter lens that sits a bit further back in the camera body. If you try and use the EF-S in a full size camera such as the EOS 1Ds or the 35mm film cameras, the mirror will catch on the end of the lens. I also use an EOS 300 film camera so I stick with the EF series lenses so that I can switch between my different bodies without any problems ... not that I use my film body very much any more Rick
  12. Off topic pics

    Yeah, I use a 300D. The 20D is really nice and if they had announced it a few months earlier I would have waited and got it instead of the 300D. Still, I have taken nearly 3000 photos in the few months since I bought my 300D and captured some wonderful images that I would not have if I had waited ... Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a cheap DSLR, the 300D is about as cheap as it gets new. The other option of course is to get something second hand. With the 20D just out, a lot of 10D users are upgrading and I have seen the 10D body go for around $1000 on Ebay. You will still need to get a lens for it, but you can get some pretty decent lenses around the $400 mark. I got my 28-105 f3.5-4.5 from ebay for $300 and it is a vast improvement on the stock 300D lens. If you are looking at a Canon DSLR, check out these forums: http://photography-on-the.net/forum/ Edit: Doh, wrong site updated now.
  13. Off topic pics

    Yes, I know, but I also want a 70-200, a 100-400 and another 2 flashes ... my photography is costing me more than my fish Rick
  14. Taking photos of fish

    I use an external flash mounted on top of my camera, although I have previously used a flash on an extension arm with a lot of sucess. I tried using using 2 150W portable halogen flood lights but I found that they really didn't work very well. The colour caused the tank to look really yellow and the light didn't penetrate the water far enough. If you have access to some Metal Halide lights, they would be much better than the ones I tried to use. I don't know a lot about the Sony cameras, but I will have a bit of a look tonight and see what they are about. I am not sure exactly how the macro works on them, but some digital cameras lock the focal length when in macro mode so you may need to take this into consideration if yours does that. If you are going to have a go at using the internal flash, try taking the photos at a slight angle to the front glass. This will reduce the likelihood of getting flash reflections. Take a few shots from different angles and see what works best for you. Rick
  15. Off topic pics

    Awesome pictures there Lepperfish. I particularly like the catepillar. Makes me want to go out and buy myself a macro lens ... Rick