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  1. Vieja argentea?

    Argentea!? Id make space for one for sure!
  2. You wanna fight

    unreal photo!!
  3. 5x2x2 going together

    That's quality man, looks top notch!
  4. 2 questions

    I use black sheets on one of those springy curtain lines. The fabric gives a bit of texture to the background. But you also get watermarks on the glass from splashing, so you might need to get behind to clean it. I dont need to as I also have a short curtain under my hood behind the lights, so the very back of the tank is in shadow. Makes the black plumbing and cords invisible and adds depth. Also stops algae on the back glass where it's hard to clean. Overall the tank is darker than most peoples, but I like it, worth thinking about.
  5. automatic feeders

    Yep definately no flake. Last time I went away and used them on two tanks with pellets. One dumped nearly all the food in, the other didnt release any. These were the crappy mechanical rotating ones. I wouldn't buy one of them again, I think they were Nutrafin ?
  6. Some pics of some of my fish

    Yeah thats quite a mix! Any clashes between them?
  7. More pics. of THE tank

    awesome tank, those little orange fellas have a big gob dont they!
  8. Canon vs Nikon

    Well, I've got an Olympus, so shove that in your pipe all of you...
  9. Cycling with snails?

    Ahh okay, thanks for the info!
  10. 5x2x2 going together

    Looking very nice! awesome work! Baz, you can see the wier in one of the pics on the first page. He went around it with the latex with a dark strainer at the top. I missed it too, very neat.
  11. Taronga Zoo - OT Photos

    ^hahaha TOTO, you have to host the pics off-site and post links, check out something like photobucket.com..
  12. Painting tank background

    What about a can of spray paint?
  13. Cycling with snails?

    This is a kind of odd question, but has anyone tried cycling a tank with mystery/apple snails? A bloke from work has setup a tropical tank, I was just telling him about the ammonia cycle (as the shop didnt!). Anyway I told him to start putting food in with no fish. He's not interested in taking fish back to the shop (ie. wont use goldfish) so I was wondering if I could give him some of my snails to help get it started, anyone see any problems with this? I'm assuming they're hardier than your average tropical fish.
  14. My Americans!

    Your fish are looking good mate :
  15. LFS pics

    nice shots :