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  1. Tang tankmates for Malawi haps

    Even though conditions are different frontosa and altolamprologus will hold their own.
  2. Dewindti are readily available throughout Sydney and are more robust than furcifer so you could house them with some less aggressive species.
  3. The tank really is too narrow to house the fish adequately, an alternative could be aulonocranus dewindti. The still dig pits only on a smaller scale and aren't as sensitive as cyathopharynx
  4. advice needed on white lip modka

    I read the opening post but I also believe that without the previous discussions on other pages then this thread wouldn't exist, hence the connection of the two topics. but you're right this post has nothing to do with them my apologies.
  5. advice needed on white lip modka

    Maybe photos of the fish in question would be more helpful in the finding of an answer.
  6. advice needed on white lip modka

    The issue that was brought up regarding Maurice's fish had nothing to do with lips protruding or the body getting higher. The photos that have been put up on a Facebook page show 1 fish in the breeding colony that looks to have a strange overbite look to it. The bottom jaw is crooked and doesn't look correct. All this post is doing is gathering back up that fish do change with age/size that doesn't mean a fish will become deformed as it gets older. If that's the case Maurice, why is it only one fish that raised eyebrows and not the whole colony? Not trying to start an argument but it was only ever one fish that was noticed by a few as not quite being right and not looking like the rest of the colony.
  7. advice needed on white lip modka

    I've seen them around the 20cm mark when grant had a colony and none of them changed shape from what I've seen at 5-10cm. I know exactly which photos you're talking about and I do believe that only one fish from your colony is 'odd' looking. The rest as far as I'm concern were perfect
  8. Cyathopharynx foai Cape Kabogo

    I'm no expert but that video of the kapampa looks like one of the variants from the southern part of the lake around crocodile island. Kasakalawe maybe???
  9. WARNING Fish Stolen!

    That's disgraceful. Will keep an eye out on all the Facebook groups for u Damo. Pm me what ratios to look out for
  10. No it's not the same food that gives them the colour. The food that promotes the colours in your fish is called super g from a company called white crane. They sell it at the shop you bought the fish from. They may use the food in the take away container also but it isn't the 'secret' food they use for colour.
  11. Monaco aquarium I'm guessing. Your fish will most likely lose colour unless you feed them 'white crane' foods. It's a colour enhancing food that Monaco use to colour every single fish in their tanks for selling reasons. Once fish leave there they will slowly start to dull down unless on the same food
  12. Foai Kapampa

    Depends which mutondwe you look at mate. Have you still got yours?
  13. I once had about 6 looked to be 2m 4f but sold them to sluggo on here. Not sure what happened after that. I really regret not keeping them
  14. Pseudotropheus / tropheus

    No need mate all good I know the fans you're talking about. All clubs do have an unsavoury element to their fan base. I remember in 2004 my brother and I took our mum to a bulldogs game at the sfs against roosters, her first game since belmore stopped being used and after being beaten 35-0 we were subjected to being called rapists and what not as leaving. And no nor me or my brother retaliated.
  15. Pseudotropheus / tropheus

    I take offence to this. Don't paint all fans with the same brush.