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  1. RAW thumbnail viewer for vista 64?

    I use an app called dpMagic Community Edition, works perfectly to display thumbnails of RAWs in windows explorer. I have no idea if it works in 64, as it doesnt even appear to be on their site any more, only the payware version is there now http://www.dpmagic.com/products.html My favourite general image viewer is XnView which has RAW support built in
  2. Down to 3 choices.....

    I guess the first question is: what are you going to use it for? I recently got a 40D, EF 50mm f1.8, and EF 70-300mm f4-5.6 IS USM, all for $2300 so I reckon a bit of shopping around will get you a 40D and lens within your price range. Then again, if its just a general walkabout camera, you might prefer the 450D's lighter weight. I preferred the 40D's metal body, as I knew I'd be doing a fair bit of bush-bashing while birding/herping with it.
  3. who is your GIMP?

    It's possible to keep a fish without breeding them Mine would be a female Hoplo cat with a wonky spine, she's kinda S-shaped from above.
  4. i.d needed please

    My guess would be Neosilurus hyrtlii
  5. Peacock & Catfish ID Help

    The cats are Arius berneyi
  6. What's in the bucket?

    Does that mean they're pikelets ?
  7. Look what I found

    Was that the one you got from me Waz ?
  8. Air Pumps

    Not I ! I have my lights on a timer, and I stuck an internal filter on it too, it was too noisy when trying to sleep
  9. My Recent Tank Disaster...

    I had the centre brace go on one of mine a few weeks back too I'm glad I was there and saw and heard it happen though ! A complete disaster was averted
  10. New Photoshop Technique

    I fixed the link. Be sure to read the instructions first.
  11. New Photoshop Technique

    I didn't believe you until you emailed it to me Matty, what an amazing tool this is !
  12. New Photoshop Technique

    Very funny
  13. Random Shots 2006

    Is that something kinky involving a male sheep dressed in black leather with a whip ?
  14. Feeding live vertebrates

    It certainly put a smile on my face when I first saw Ash had posted this topic too I'll steer clear of this one "Rules are made to be broken"
  15. festae pair

    Gee, when ya said you had a female for him I thought ya meant something a bit bigger