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  1. Very sad

  2. How Do You Do Your Water Changes?

    Salt assists with fish osmoregulation of H2o.
  3. My tanks (4ft american/3ft planted)

    Thanks Sarah it's Didiplis diandra, it does need Co2 or becomes straggly and breaks apart and is a big mess! the geos do seem very happy, I prefer the black bottom as it is much easier to keep clean, I've considered putting down a very light layer of sand, but i find it gets EVERYWHERE when cleaning or doing anything in the tank (in the filter, in the wood, in the fish..)
  4. My tanks (4ft american/3ft planted)

    Lighting: 96watt AH Supply 6700k CF. Fertilisation: EI method, using Aquagreen dry ferts and flourish iron Substrate: Aquasoil/Powersand/ADA powders (penac etc) Co2: Dupla 750gram bottle, Dupla Delta regulator, Dupla Magnetic Solenoid, Dupla bubble counter, Aquaticmagic ceramic diffuser, Aquaone silicone tubing. Heating: ETH Hydor 300watt in line heater Filtration: Eheim 2217 using clear tubing from bunnings, and fluxus clear lilly pipes.
  5. My tanks (4ft american/3ft planted)

    oh yeh heres a pic when they were just wee babies
  6. had a prune yesterday, still trying to grow it in (it's a long process.)
  7. My 3 Footer

    nice tank, love the mix of plants very vibrant and well lit what sort of cabinet is that?
  8. G.Altifrons"Tocantins" & A.Heckelii

    big and beautiful fish! how long did it take to grow out your geophagus to those sizes! I find that mine are growing really quickly compared to the shop I purchased them from, but i think this is due to twice daily mass feedings and two times a week 50% water changes, do you have any tips for growing out geos?
  9. Hi all, I'm looking for a cheap courier solution to deliver a tank from south sydney to north sydney, (probably a 1hour trip either way) does anyone know any good people they've used in the past? basically standard 4FT + cabinet.
  10. 3X14X18 Planted Tank ADA Style

    yehp its in 'regrowth' stage where im changing the aquascape alot (that photo was a day after prune and replant' the biggest change and 'ugliest' change is probably the removal of the lawn. I replaced it with Hemianthus calichtroides which cost about $60 for a 2x2cm square, as a result i'm going to have to be patient and wait for it to grow out but not to worry within 2 or 3 months it will have a more mature aquascape, and you'll have to wait and see!
  11. Random pics

    lovely fish mate, how long did it take you to grow your big surinamensis type fish to their current size?
  12. Nightlight Pics

    Hi Dave, again, awesome shots, could you get pics of the lighting setup? how are you getting the 'spotlight' effect, I would really like to give that a go on my next display fish only setup Cheers Richard
  13. Nightlight Pics

    The night lights look fantastic, could you give us some detail on how you setup the lights? Cheers
  14. Asian Arowana Import Listing Chances?

    Not to bring up a potentially thread stopping topic here... but is this the same as saying that we should ban Tea from Australia because British colonialist 'invaders' like tea and, and therefore it is not relevant, since This is Australia Not Britain and if British people can't live with what we have here already then they should move to Britain... or are you trying to say something about who 'owns' Australia and that Australia has a certain set of 'beliefs,' Last I heard Australia was a multicultural democratic society that respected all beliefs... or did I miss the memo that we'd reverted back to a White Australia policy? you're going down a very narrow road mate...
  15. Asian Arowana Import Listing Chances?

    fair enough, and all fair points because there are many fish that have invaded our streams. but at what level do we balance human recreation and risk of envionmental damage? do we reduce the number of fish until we end up with fish that cannot survive in Australia as a whole, because nearly every fish that we have on the list has a chance of building a population in Australia... so considering that we have every imaginable water environment in the world, I guess we can only keep arctic fish and we'll all need chillers