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  2. Where is everyone

    It happens. People come and go. Then someone posts a thread like this. Then it goes back to 'normal'. It's pretty usual for forums to have lulls.
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  4. Where is everyone

    Apparently the facebook groups are very active for buying and selling. But from what I've seen the advice side of things and the discussion leaves a lot to be desired.
  5. Where is everyone

    I dont think so i just ment the many forums for cichlids that are on there may have taken over these types of forums.
  6. Where is everyone

    Yep I was thinking the same thing there is a ACE FB group? I've seen the page but not the group.
  7. Where is everyone

    Have been thinking the same thing myself mate. Maybe facebook has taken over the forum side of things more so? This place use to be full of sales and advice but has definitely slowed down in the past 12 months.
  8. Where is everyone

    Hi guys. Is there any reason why this site is so quiet these days? Has the African cichlid hobby slowed down or gone out of fashion? Is there another forum everyone has gone to?
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  10. Tropheus setup

    Thats awesome to hear Jim! I tried to inbox you but I think your mailbox is full.
  11. Tropheus setup

    Hi noyd .. yes still around mate
  12. Hey Jim,

    Long time no speak, hope you have been well!

    I'm looking at setting up another tank soon - you can't stay away from this hobby too long.

    Which Tropheus do you breed and have in stock currently?

    Thanks mate


    Can't msg you directly, I think your mbox is full

  13. A Walk Down Memory Lane

    Neptune Aquarium in Blacktown, they had pretty good supplies and stock levels. Fish was not bad either.
  14. Tropheus setup

    Hey All, I have been out of the game for a while. Used to keep Tangs, particularly Frontosas and Tropheus. Are Tropheus still hard to maintain? Last batch I had mostly all died. Is there new techniques or meds to keep them alive and happy? I'm thinking of setting up a 4x2x2 purely for some Duboisi or other type. Thanks Is Jim the breeder still around?
  15. LED Lighting

    Hi all, I was looking to update a variety of different tanks I have from fluroescent lighting to LED lighting but have no idea what types I need. I have mainly cichlids and few if any plants so I dont need to buy any lights specifically for growing plants and none of my tanks are marine. What type of wattage etc is required per 100 litres etc? Besides looking better , are the units that have red, blue and white really required? Any advice will be appreciated. Steve
  16. Anyone need some zucchini?

    I’m in France and my mother in law grows massive zucchini here! Thats a size US10 for reference!!
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  18. A Walk Down Memory Lane

    I have only been keeping cichlids since the beginning of the year but I have family that's had them for years. My uncle and cousins had cichlids throughout my early childhood so I used to see their fish often. Only thing I can remember though is my uncle's big red devil. I also remember going to Campsie aquarium a few times and seeing some massive fish in a display tank. First fish I got as a kid were some goldfish, shubunkins and koi in a pond my old man made in the backyard about 25 years ago (it's still running). I remember going to a house in Granville just off Woodville road. An old bloke lived there and had concrete ponds everywhere. We stocked the pond from there. About 12 months ago I decided I wanted to setup a fish tank so I got a cheap tank off gumtree and bought some peppermints, neons and german blue rams. That kept me happy for a couple months until my uncle and cousin talked me into going to the February meeting with them earlier this year and I learnt about tanganyikans. I've now got 17 tanks running in the garage.
  19. A Walk Down Memory Lane

    found this in the old posts and thought it needed a rebirth ………… so what are some of your starting memories we all know where Andrew ended up nice to have Labyrinth (Riverside from the old days) as a sponsor
  20. Aquaclear quality

    Hey mate, long time since I saw you around mac park although I recently got cut in the last round of redundancies which I was hoping. Back with the one tank for now and currently cycling with plans for a multispinosa species tank which I havent kept before. I'm sure one will turn into a second tank though the hobby seems so much more expensive now. Ended up ditching the ac200 for an eheim 2217. Living in a flat and couldnt cope with new noise from the AC.
  21. Aquaclear quality

    Hi Adam, Welcome back. Not sure of the quality of current aquaclear but I am still using the aquaclear that you gave me longtime ago What fish are you keeping now? Still into American?
  22. Beginner question about water prep

    Thanks for these replies. The products you listed were particularly helpful. I've got a ~300 litre tank 5x1.5x1.5 and found a 300l drum for storing drinking water at bunnings, perfect
  23. major auction (what u are bring)

    I'll bring savoryi and gold occies
  24. 8x3x2' Reef Tank Journal

    Quick update, was just going to drill another hole in the wall to run the cables through, but didn't realize the ceiling in the garage behind is much lower than the living room, so had to rule that out. Ended up running the cabling down the wall hidden in some television conduit. Looks pretty good for the most part, and hid the rest of the cabling behind the tank itself. Still a couple minor touch ups to be done. But the tank is back on the wall and the plumbing is now drying. Filled the tank up to see how 'unlevel the floor is'. Approximately 1/2" over and 8' length. Shimming the stand also isn't really an option with a 10 legged metal stand. Still unsure what I'm going to do about this if anything - the base of the tank is sitting on is a flat surface and the stand is bullet proof. The other thing is there is a lot of light spill from the lights being the recommended 60cm/2' from the water surface, and it really illuminates my house and can even see it from the street (which i don't like) - am considering having a 'collar' fabricate and drilled into the wall around the lights to stop a bit of this light spill. Hopefully have saltwater in it this weekend!
  25. any one bring any tangs to the auction i myself are bring Neolamprologus buescheri (Kamakonde) Zaire Gold 2-3 lots ea. lot has 4 fish Neolamprologus pulcher (Daffodil) up to 3 lots ea. lot has 6 fish Julidochromis marlieri (Burundi) up to 3 lots ea. lot has 6 fish Julidochromis regani (Bujumbura) 1 lot ea. lot has 6 fish and maybe some `Lamprologus` caudopunctatus (Caudopunk) 1 lot ea. lot has 6 fish and some Synodontis multipunctatus cuckoo catfish 1 lot for 5 cats
  26. Is this a Electric Blue?

    Mine so called electric blue looks so much like that one in the link, mine just has more speckling of yellow on the fins and a few shades lighter in blue.
  27. Is this a Electric Blue?

    I would not be comparing our electric blue cichlids to the ones found overseas. There was a mixup with ahli and fryeri / jacksoni and the purity of what we have now can't be determined. Still nice looking fish though. http://animal-world.com/encyclo/fresh/cichlid/ElectricBlueHap.php I'm not saying this based on the link above, I have been keeping cichlids since I was a young boy.
  28. Is this a Electric Blue?

    hmmm now you got me thinking....it's got the shape of a white knight for sure and blue but a light blue....... Thanks mate for your reply!
  29. Aquaclear quality

    Hi All, Has there been a decline in quality of the aquaclear filters or am I just unlucky and got a dud? I bought a new ac200 and straight up unit seems much more noisy than what these used to be. I took apart the impeller and shaft to rinse for any grit and reset but still same rattle. With the lid off its bearable but not what I want. Decided to lube the impeller and shaft with a little vaseline which made the unit dead silent but 2 days later already back to the noisy unit. Anyone else have this problem or a known issue with the AC now?
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