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  2. Stocking advice

    Could always hit up superfish aquatics on facebook. Tutters is amazing for shipped fish orders like this.
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  4. LAKE MALAWI Species Posters

    Hey all, I know a lot of you probably get asked this A LOT. But would anyone know of anywhere in Oz that I could possibly source a Lake Malawi species poster? Also, would anyone know of any Lake Malawi Hap. Species Posters? Cheers in advance guys!
  5. Stocking advice

    Hi all, This is my first post so thanks for the ad to the group, I have picked up lots of great info in these threads already. After years out of the hobby my kids discovered the old tank downstairs and want to get it going again, so after testing our tap water and showing the kids some pics of fish that will suit we have decided to give Mbuna a try. I have done some online research and have come up with the following list with some of the main criteria being smaller species (200 litre 4ft tank), lower aggression, good range of colours, Dimorphic if possible and readily available. In other words good beginner Mbuna. Cynotilapia Zebroides Cobue Iodotropheus Sprengerae Rusties Labidochromis Caeruleus Electric Yellow Labidochromis Joanjohnsonae Exasperatus OR Pseudotropheus Socolofi Pindani Groups of 1M to 3F would be the aim. Is this correct? Are the two Lab types likely to crossbreed as the Exasperatus would be preferred over the Pindani? Does this seem about right for numbers for this size tank ( 4ft 200L filtration is 2 x eheim 2213 canisters) or is there room for more if something special came along in the future? I have seen/read a lot about tanks needing a "good" boss, should I be including a single larger peaceful Hap type species for this purpose? I live about 4 hours from the nearest shop stocking these species, but I have noticed that buying live fish online means buying unsexed fish. If I make the trip to Sydney to buy fish will I be able to buy older fish in the correct ratio if in stock or is it still a take what you get type deal meaning buying bigger numbers and weeding out extra males ( I would really like to avoid this if possible) Sorry for such a long first post but we have lots of questions! Thanks in advance for any responses.
  6. My cichlid isn’t right what could be wrong

    Is it not right maybe it just wants to be left and you need to accept its decision.
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  8. What fish is this? Is it a cross?

    Yep if you're not sure what they look like do a quick search first cost is the same to feed them or the true ones
  9. What fish is this? Is it a cross?

    Hi just off an advert locally , my fault I didn't research before I bought them and I just needed some fish to cycle my new tank after my previous tank leaked. But now I am restocking and would like to offload some , but won't if they are hybrids
  10. What fish is this? Is it a cross?

    agree with the other comments not Hongi looks like maybe Zebroides X Zebra buy them off FB or Petlink ?
  11. What fish is this? Is it a cross?

    Agree with that
  12. What fish is this? Is it a cross?

    Doesn't look remotely like a hongi, doesn't even look like it has any hongi in it
  13. What fish is this? Is it a cross?

    Thanks so much for replying, it was sold to me as a hongi?
  14. What fish is this? Is it a cross?

    Looks like some type of Pseudotropheus, most probably a hybrid, particularly if you are breeding them in a community tank
  15. What fish is this? Is it a cross?

    No takers??
  16. Aquarium temperature controller

    Thanks for that momo. Your elitech Stc-1000 build looks good.
  17. Aquarium temperature controller

    Here you go... pretty much all components were available from jaycar... let me know if you have any questions
  18. Aquarium temperature controller

    Thanks for recommendation Momo. What enclosure did you use for the temperature controller? Are you able to post a pic of your temperature controller?
  19. Aquarium temperature controller

    Yes, but atleast you know the main component has been tried and tested. That’s the main Reason I went with the elitech. plenty of wiring diagrams online on how to do it as well if you have the time.
  20. Aquarium temperature controller

    I had a look at one of those but you have to wire it yourself and build a box for it.
  21. Aquarium temperature controller

    I’ve started testing 1 out recently. using an elitech stc-1000. Chose these over the inkbird as it appears they’ve been well reviewed, and “mostly” positive. Good back up if your heater also has a thermostat. If your heater gets stuck, then the temp controller will kick in and shut it off.
  22. Advise Needed

    I try to do a mix of foods. Main staple is Tech den branded colour pellet. NLS and vitalis/new era on occasions. I'll do some research into more carotene based foods. Thank you.
  23. Advise Needed

    What food do you feed them? A pellet high in carotine such as new life spectrum might bring out more yellow.
  24. Advise Needed

    Hi all. First of all thank you for allowing me to join this forum. I have a query about my hai reef yellow tops. I bought 10 nearly 2 years ago and I now have quite a few more. The trouble I'm having is getting the yellow to really pop. My dominant male goes more white on top when displaying for females. Pics below of fry and Dom male. Apologies for poor photos. Haven't tested kh and GH for quite a while but pH sits between 7.8-8 and always under 40ppm nitrates.
  25. Firemouth fry with parents

    Thank You Gents for sharing your experiences. I think it will be easier for me to remove the parent to another tank when the fry are about 1cm. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again
  26. Apistogramma species

    A. Borelli "Opal" Is on the Aquarium Industries list quite often and should be fairly easy to source So far the best source of apistos for me has been New Life Aquariums down in melbourne,, they import some rather nice species. I haven't seen many breeders myself but would be VERY interested if anyone is breeding any uncommon/rare species.
  27. Firemouth fry with parents

    you get better growth in the fry that the parents raise as opposed to removing them Firemouths are usually great parents ..... you could also consider putting a mirror against the end of the tank this gives them something to defend against even if it is their reflection
  28. Firemouth fry with parents

    It might take them a couple of tries to work it out - but worth sticking with it. (They aren't step breeders so you will have to move the fry when the parents want to spawn again.) If the parents do the work for you you should get good numbers of the fish up to about the 1cm mark with very little effort on your part (good food and clean water) Then take out what you want to grow out til 'sellable' size to a grow out tank. It's often a good to leave just a few in the parent tank so the parents maintain the bond - even though they might knock them off one day when they spawn. If after a few attempts they are still not raising them to a level you are happy with then look in to taking a % of the spawn early and raising them on their own. With Americans who never "got it" you can use a bit of airline to slowly siphon out anywhere from 20-80% of free swimmers in to a grow out tank and work on raising them yourself. This is generally harder work as you need to be very aware of everything going on, put more effort in to feeding and such.
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