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  2. 8x3x2' Reef Tank Journal

    The long wait is now over - the lights have now been suspended! I have to say I'm very happy with the results, definitely hitting the look I was going for with the 'sleek industrial' look. Looks amazing with the 'satin' finish on the stand and the hanging brackets as well as the black wall. Now I need to figure out how to best hide the electrical chords from the lights, weather i run them up and into the ceiling or back and run them down the wall and hide the bulk of it behind the tank. Once that is done, the tank can be pushed back onto the wall and just some minor plumbing done and she is ready for water! Been a long slog, but I am almost there. Please excuse the mess.
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  4. Canister filters – Aquael, Eheim or Fluval

    I'd have to agree, Fluval are now very good. Wouldn't have had anything but my Eheim in the 90s, but I'm loving my Fluval 206 now: it's very good.
  5. Peacock with popeye

    Hi all, A couple of weeks ago one of my peacocks developed a cloudy eye. Now it looks like he has popeye. Not sure if it's due to an eye injury or something else. A week ago I put him in a quarantine tank with cycled media and added some seachem lake salt and melafix. His eye doesn't seem to be getting any better. I have done some research and some people have had success treating it with myxazin. It might be worth a shot. It's a bit hard to tell from the pics but his eye is protruding quite a bit. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  6. NSWCS October Major Auction

    The guys I know dont have fry or stopped breeding them
  7. Glass thickness 8x2.5x2

    Yeh Steve was really helpful. And built it exactly like I wanted.
  8. Glass thickness 8x2.5x2

    Cheers thanks for that. That seems quite reasonable considering the good workmanship they do.
  9. Glass thickness 8x2.5x2

    I have a 7x 2.5 x 2.5 that has 12mm sides and i have had 2 high tanks with 10mm sides The above advice seems spot on
  10. NSWCS October Major Auction

    Would love to be pointed in their direction mate if you know of any for sale.
  11. Glass thickness 8x2.5x2

    All up it cost me $2100 for the tank and sump. Tank is 8x2.5x2.5 ft 12mm all around with 6mm lids. Back was covered with black vinyl with 3 40mm hole drilled with weir covered in black acrylic. The sump is 5x2x2 with 10mm base and 6mm sides and divisions and 4mm lids. Plus delivery.
  12. NSWCS October Major Auction

    There are a few Manson reef around
  13. NSWCS October Major Auction

    Seen few guys from Adelaide with Maison reef. One is trying to establish a colony but not sure where he sourced his colony from .
  14. Glass thickness 8x2.5x2

    Do you mind me asking how much did that cost you?
  15. NSWCS October Major Auction

    Good luck with the maisoni reefs ive had a male for nearly 2 years now and haven't been able to source fry let alone females unfortunately.
  16. NSWCS October Major Auction

    Hi Yanke. Yes, I got your lot of 3 at an auction a few months ago. I also have a couple John (intern1) bred.
  17. NSWCS October Major Auction

    Been looking for N. meleagris, metriaclima fainzilberi maison reef and exochochromis anagenys.
  18. NSWCS October Major Auction

    do u have any of the Neolamprologus buescheri (Kamakonde) Zaire Gold ill be bring 2 lots of 4 from 3.5-6cm
  19. NSWCS October Major Auction

    6 October. Any neolamp I don’t already have. 😎
  20. NSWCS October Major Auction

    what date is it? Ill have my other 6x2x2 ready by then wouldnt mind some tropheous and some gobies. Or some reshas or mdoka white lips haha not fussy.
  21. With the major auction coming around the corner what is everyone bringing or on the hunt for? For me its shellies lamprologus sp. Cheers John
  22. Glass thickness 8x2.5x2

    Your tank builder is correct. 2 foot high is usually 10mm and 2.5 foot high is usually 12mm.
  23. Glass thickness 8x2.5x2

    You won’t be disappointed. The tank also came with a 5x2x2 sump.
  24. Glass thickness 8x2.5x2

    Thanks .... will check and get a quote from him too
  25. Glass thickness 8x2.5x2

    I got a custom 8ft tank (8x2.5x2.5) made by Steve from Western Sydney Aquarium which was 12mm on all side.
  26. Glass thickness 8x2.5x2

    I believe the higher tank puts more pressure on the glass than the wider tank
  27. Glass thickness 8x2.5x2

    The tank maker said something like if i was to go 8x2x2.5 (height) then it must be 12mm all. I dont quite get it as the water volume would be the same as 8x2.5x2 ?
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