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  2. Lichnochromis acuticeps colouring up

    Is anyone else keeping these right now? The male I have from the Tanzania side is turning out to be the best one I have kept, seems to have a lot of red in the body.
  3. My Community Planted tank

    Hi mate, tank looks great, gots lots of variety of plants in there. I bet the plants have grown a bit since then.
  4. Couple of Tanks on the Go

    Nice setup, do you have the fish in now?
  5. taeniochromis holotaenia

    My mate has a male, they are really nice fish now. Anyone know of any females around?
  6. Last week
  7. All in one aquariums - any good?

    Thanks guys, think I’ll get another Eheim canister and separate tank. My main concern was the filter, sounds like they’re still not the best. cheers!
  8. All in one aquariums - any good?

    I've still got an Aqua one aquarium up and running for years. It looks good and simple to maintain. It would be good for a breeding setup although if your going to jam pack it with cichlids as a display tank then probably not as the filter is only good for a small bio load. It's more of a beginners/starter aquarium.
  9. All in one aquariums - any good?

    I used to have a five foot Aquaone, it was ok but far from perfect. The built in overhead filter was not good enough on it's own, I initially ran an internal filter too but eventually got rid of the overhead filter and hooked up a canister. The lights were an odd size that were hard to find outside of aquarium stores (read: expensive). The build quality of the cabinet was typical of cheap flat pack furniture i.e door gaps weren't even etc. The current generation of Aquaone tanks looks much better but it I was going to go for a big tank again I would get something custom made by a reliable tank/cabinet maker.
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  11. All in one aquariums - any good?

    Hey guys, been out of the hobby for a few years but looking to get a new tank. Are the all in one tanks ok? It's hard to get info on them. I'm looking at getting one of the bigger Aquaone tanks, around the 4ft mark. Or should I hit up MSAquariums for a tank/stand and get a seperate canister etc? From memory Aquaone used to be a bit of a dirty word, are they any better?
  12. http://www.perthcichlid.com.au/forum/index.php?showtopic=64448 may be of interest
  13. So I found the product, I'm going to get one and I hope it does what it indicates https://www.aquaplenish.com Cheers
  14. Hi All A while ago I found a product which was a bucket with a pump in one package. It could pump out water to waste then be used to fill the tank from the mains but also add water from the bucket to maintain the temp. The water in the bucket could have dechlorinator added. The issue is I have lost the name and can not find it via google. Any idea of the product name or the website would be great Thanks Mike
  15. My Community Planted tank

    Hi folks, Here is a pic of my planted/community tank. The fish I’ve got in there are: Lionhead cichlids, Rainbowfish, Congo Tetras, Angels, Red Top Electric Blue Rams, Peppermint and Common BN, Gold Spot Plecos, One large Featherfin Cat, a few Electric Blue males, Gold sucking cats, One large Glass cat, Two Gourami (Pearl and Blue Spot) and about 100 common BN fry in a saver. I have no problems with aggression or fighting as all the fish just seem to get along really well. This pic is a few months old and after using some LCA all in one fertilisers for a few weeks all the plants now are almost triple in size. Currently I’ve stopped the ferts and have reduced light to only one light (usually 3) and the photoperiod to only 4 hours a day as I’m treating for a massive black beard algae outbreak. I’ll get a current pic up soon
  16. MArine 4x3x2 epic

    Hi mAte, ATI *8 Bulb T5 unit, lights up well tank is coming along a treat
  17. MArine 4x3x2 epic

    Nice work on the SW tank. What kind of lighting are you running?
  18. MArine 4x3x2 epic

    loving the tank
  19. Proposed laws to make hobbyists register as pet shops

    I believe the bird community made a fair bit of noise too. Unfortunately, I believe you are right Winston, it will come again
  20. Very good news but it's just a temporary stall. The underlying intention is still there and will not go away. It's even acknowledged. Luckily the cat & dog owners have a much bigger voice.
  21. Proposed laws to make hobbyists register as pet shops

    Yep, the Minister has told the DPI that the proposed standards would have "unintended consequences" and to go back and start again https://www.smh.com.au/politics/nsw/minister-scraps-controversial-pet-owner-draft-plan-after-outcry-20180418-p4za8j.html
  22. These got overturned
  23. Filtration for a 6x2x2.5

    Thanks fishdance. I was hoping to get rid of the air bubbles as I like the look of a more natural tank. I also thought with the growing larger an extra filter would help with the water quality.
  24. Filtration for a 6x2x2.5

    I would never remove air as it's an extremely good backup and easy to visually check it's on. That's just my opinion though. Why don't you add some powerheads to boost the internal circulation. No other canister and extra maintenance required.
  25. Filtration for a 6x2x2.5

    Hi Guys, I’m after some advice on adding another FX6 to my 6x2x2.5ft display tank. I currently have 1 FX6 which is plumbed through the base of the tank. Both the inlet and outlet are 1 foot from either end. I was thinking of using both of the existing holes drilled in the base of the tank as the inlets and coming over the top with outlets at either end. My question is, how do I have the outlets positioned to effectively circulate the water. The main reason for adding the filter is to remove the air pump and add more filtration as the fish grow. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Peter
  26. this is the petition link ....... use it https://www.change.org/p/the-hon-niall-mark-blair-mlc-help-stop-the-nsw-govt-from-forcing-pet-owners-to-become-registered-pet-shops
  27. It's not just this legislation. It's a combined methodical strategic approach. Hindering importation through cost, additional regulation, higher penalties, increasing noxious lists, discouraging domestic breeders, reducing markets, It is all working too. So enjoy the hobby while you can. Luckily I don't keep any exotic fish, birds or pets (for all those government forum reading lurkers out there ).
  28. The equivalent legislation in SA is already in operation. While based in part on the draft NSW and Victorian legislation, ours expressly precludes fish, and very clearly states that it only applies to wholesale or retail trade from public places (other than for cats and dogs, where private sales are also covered). Looks like the Victorian legislation is similar. It defines a pet shop as any permanent shop that sells dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, reptiles and caged birds. Fish are included in the Queensland code of practice, but a pet shop is defined as “ a retail outlet where a companion animal is offered for sale for commercial purposes.” I can’t find reference to a similar code in Western Australia.
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