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  2. Richie88

    Sump design ideas

    Hi everyone, for those using a sump, Id like to get thoughts on plants, sponges, media, anything else that goes in there to help maintain levels? im currently running an aqua reef 400, converted from a marine tank and cycling it now. I’ve got, filter sock, heaters, huge pond sponge, media balls. Seems to be cycling well.
  3. Skippy

    Introduction size - New tank

    If they get territorial try moving around the tank decor to break up the established territories
  4. Yesterday
  5. Richie88

    Introduction size - New tank

    Thanks Skippy, everything I’ve read says if they are introduced large it will make it harder to introduce more large fish as they’ll be more territorial.
  6. Yowie

    are oscars legal in south australia?

    Legal and available at the vast majority of shops in SA.
  7. Last week
  8. Skippy

    Introduction size - New tank

    I honestly don't think it matters. It comes down to what you prefer, instant impact vs watching them grow, and what is available to buy
  9. Richie88

    Introduction size - New tank

    My new tanks cycle is almost complete, converted from salt to fresh water. 400L tank. Should I introduce the cichlids small or grown?
  10. Well, I have just seen a video of some 8 - 9cm imported electric yellows currently in a tank in Melbourne. To be honest, I found them very disappointing and there is no way I will be obtaining any to use as breeding stock, in my humble opinion my own strain are far far better quality, both in colouration and body shape. I do not know where the ones in the video were imported from, but I am assuming Asia.
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  12. Link2Hell

    are oscars legal in south australia?

    seeing they are a legal import and not on the noxious list for SA , I would say they a legal species http://pir.sa.gov.au/biosecurity/aquatics/aquatic_pests/noxious_fish_list give Aggies a call I'm pretty sure they can advise you
  13. Are the any other location/ variants other than Ndole Bay in Australia? Thanks Troy
  14. CThompson

    Mutual Assistance /Help??

    Still looking ……
  15. PlecoSam

    plecos and africans

    I have kept Plecos with my Cichilds for many years, they generally do well in a cichlid tank but are more difficult to feed properly.
  16. I'm keen to get an oscar, but have found minimal information as to whether or not they are, in fact, legal in south australia. HELP ME
  17. cafa

    plecos and africans

    Cheers. Info much appreciated
  18. Link2Hell

    plecos and africans

    The large comon Plecos are very adaptable fish and this evident by the feral populations They are quite happy to live in Malawi parameters but feel best to keep them under 8.0 pH and a medium hardness that fits Central American fish
  19. cafa

    plecos and africans

    Hi Guys.It's been ages since my last post. Got out of years of breeding Africans etc.and now have only one display tank. My last fish, an Electric Blue that I bred many years ago, was the last to die of old age and suddenly I'm left with an empty 400ltr tank. I found a collection locally and subsequently brought them home. All are thriving including a Gold Spot Pleco. Obviously the guy I bought them from has had this mix for several years and the Pleco has done well. My question is this: How do these guys handle the harder, more Alkaline environment that we provide for the Africans and would you recommend adding another one or two. Cheers Cafa
  20. Bluebagger

    ANGFA Convention October 2019

    Hi all, fyi for anyone interested in natives and PNG fishes: The Australia New Guinea Fishes Association Victoria (ANGFA Vic) in conjunction with ANGFA Incorporated (ANGFA National), are proud to present the world renowned ANGFA Convention for 2019. This is the largest event focusing on Australian and New Guinea fishes anywhere in the fishkeeping realm. The ANGFA Convention is held every two years and this year it’s in Melbourne! A non-profit organisation, ANGFA’s objectives are to promote the study, conservation and culture of the native freshwater fish species of Australia and New Guinea, and to provide a forum for the exchange of information. Attending an ANGFA Convention is a must for anyone with a keen interest in these fishes and their aquatic habitats, (ideal for scientists, naturalists, fish hobbyists or students with a keen or professional interest in these topics). The convention is a biennial event, miss this one and you will have to wait until 2021! The event will be held over the weekend of October 11-13 at Best Western Airport Motel and Convention Centre Attwood (10 min drive from Melbourne Airport). Key points: Excellent speakers from Australia and Europe (including some of Australia’s leading fish scientists) giving informative and entertaining presentations on a range of topics including: conservation efforts, discovery of new species, field observations, aquarium care, and parasite control. Mega Fish Auction - huge range of Aust/PNG aquarium fish species, native aquatic invertebrates and plants, (including many species that are rarely available in the mainstream aquarium trade). Catered event – lunch, morning & afternoon tea provided. 4 star accommodation available at convention venue, with a discounted rate for bed and buffet breakfast for convention attendees. Convention dinner on Saturday night Opportunity to mingle with fellow fish enthusiasts from all over Australia and from overseas. Attend for either a single day or for the full event. Early bird registration option available – book before end of June and receive a discounted rate! Free car parking is available adjacent to the convention building. Free airport shuttle bus to the venue. Heaps of great raffle prizes, courtesy of our sponsors. For more convention details and to book online, visit: https://www.angfa.org.au/2015-03-05-12-12-58.html
  21. Hi Chris could you please give me a ring on 0420922436



  22. My understanding is that electric yellows are not collected wild from the lake and exported nowadays. Presumably importers therefore will have the option of importing quality German stock or cheap stock from Asia, much like with Cyrtocara moori (aka blue dolphins) which have been an allowable import for many years. In my personal experience the German blue dolphins are far better quality than the cheap Asian ones and I assume this will also be the case with electric yellows. So I'm expecting there may be the odd small import of the quality German lines which will sell at a premium, probably mainly to serious breeders. But I expect the bulk of imports will be cheap Asian stock by major wholesalers which while admittedly bringing some new blood into the country, I do not expect to add any appreciable quality to current stocks.
  23. all well and good now but after a while it will happen .................................. can't wait for the local ones to get mixed up with the different location ones they bring in especially if they are comparative to local priced stock unlike Frontosa these are a bread and butter species and seem to be a low demand with LFS when you talk to breeders with good quality stock
  24. 83jase

    fx4 dimensions

    Got the measurements from another forum No longer needed this Forum seems too of Died in the buM Like a curry pie
  25. 83jase

    fx4 dimensions

    Hey all I'm looking for the height including the taps to the base and also base to highest point of the hose and diameter of canister without the motor Of a fx4. The 45deg elbow/tap is fixed angle correct? fluval lacks to mention this. as my stand is shorter then usual I have very limited space If someone has a fx4 can give me these dimensions I will be very grateful All fluval contact point is US or UK and nothing for AUS local retailer won't open a box for a sale from what I seen there not sealed Tia
  26. well blimey; I'd feared our environment minister had gone the way of the perfect electric yellow and become extinct so yes it's good that someone managed to find some evidence that she still exists !!
  27. https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2019L00058 Good news for lovers of the ubiquitous electric yellow, finally some new genetics coming into the country (legally).
  28. SuperNinjaDragon

    German Blue Ram tank stocking advice?

    Thank you so much for the advice, @Link2Hell! I will try to maintain a neutral water pH and keep up a schedule of 20% twice a week when I set it up. Plants sound great, I can propagate my existing anubias too, nice! I'm eyeing these two tanks at the moment: 130L (https://www.petbarn.com.au/fish/aquariums-stands/horizon-130-glass-starter-kit-w-stand-130l-90x36x42) and 180L (https://www.petbarn.com.au/fish/aquariums-stands/horizon-182-glass-starter-kit-stand-182l-120x36x45). They apparently come with a filter but I might upgrade to another sponge filter or hang-on filter since there are no specifications on what filter is in the kit. Lighting used will likely be a low watts one, since I'm not aiming to make plants grow faster. If there's any cheaper tanks somewhere I'd have to take a look. (Irrelevant, but also thinking of getting a 50L as a quarantine / aquascape tank) My relatives have some water storage drums that they should be able to spare. This is a dumb question but... what do I need them for? Making it easier for water changes?
  29. PlecoSam

    What food are you feeding

    Hey @Link2Hell, no problems on my side of the city, on the other side though it is quite devastating. Thank you for your thoughts. Sam.
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