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  2. Canister filters – Aquael, Eheim or Fluval

    I would say the newer Fluvals are as good as an Eheim or Fluval have bridged the gap, Eheim was once leagues above but the latest Fluval filters are very good.
  3. Canister filters – Aquael, Eheim or Fluval

    Thanks for the info. I will look more into the over filtering and will also look at the Eheim canisters.
  4. Canister filters – Aquael, Eheim or Fluval

    I don’t have any experience with the Aquael filters, but I would rate the Eheim filters above the Fluvals by a significant margin. I’ve run a number of Fluval canisters over the years, and quickly moved every one of them on. Eheim classics are real workhorses of filters. The design hasn’t substantially changed in decades, but they are still big sellers. In my view that’s says a lot about the design. But if you can afford it, then I would recommend that you consider the Eheim Professional series filters instead. They are significantly easier to maintain, and much cheaper to run. Remember your filter is running 24/7, so the cost to power that motor adds up over time. The modern Eheim Pros have motors which are far more power efficient that the older Eheims, or any of the Fluval offerings. Build quality is such that you can also expect many, many years of service from the Eheims. If your bank balance doesn’t stretch to a new Eheim Pro, consider looking at the secondhand market for one. You can often find near-new ones at very good prices. Alternatively, I’d also recommend considering the AquaOne range of canisters. For cheaper filters, they do a very good job. I’m currently running 14 canisters – 12 are Eheim Pro II or Pro III, and two AquaOne. I too agree wholeheartedly with Rod54's comments regarding “over filtering”.
  5. Canister filters – Aquael, Eheim or Fluval

    110% agree with this
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  7. Rehousing to smaller tank.

    Hi everyone. I am new to this forum cichlids and owning an aquarium in general. I have question about rehousing my fish for a 2-3 month period as I move to new place. I have 11 electric yellows (10 juveniles 4-7cm and 1 adult) and 7 Msuli (also juveniles 5-6cm). As it is now I have 300l tank but will need to downsize for a few months due to space restrictions. My question is how small I could go for that period of time? I was hoping to scrape with 2ft tank or less. Also I will be running my smaller setup on my regular Biopro 2200 canister filter. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Canister filters – Aquael, Eheim or Fluval

    If your intent in "Over filtering" is to give you fish optimum conditions.....you would be better to increase water changes..... I've heard of discus breeders who do almost 100% water changes morning and afternoon Lots of chemicals/toxins don't get filtered out.........so like in nature....best solution is to replace the water Putting a filter on the tank with a bigger pump just increases water flow which may actually be counter productive....stressing fish that don't like high water flow
  9. Canister filters – Aquael, Eheim or Fluval

    for me the Eheim 2217 or classic 600 same filter mine have been running for years and never a problem guessing the tanks is 120cm standard size not a fan of smaller Fluval Aquael make good products but haven't heard much on this filter
  10. Hi Gemma you need to change the access restriction on the attachment for public viewing as it won't open Has the fish lost swimming ability ? does it just belly slide and if it swims up it just drops when it stops swimming ? if so this would be a swim bladder problem need some pics we can see
  11. speak to the age of aquariums pm them on here 4 help
  12. Canister filters – Aquael, Eheim or Fluval

    go with the eheim i have 2 running my 6ft and its clean as and there a lot of fish in the tank
  13. Hi, I am after some recommendation of Canister filters. I want to over filter the tank. I have a 250 litre tank running a few discus. I am looking at a new filter and was considering: Aquael Unimax 500; Fluval 306 or 406; or Eheim Classic 2217 (600). Especially interested in comments on the Unimax 500. Thanks in advance
  14. My cichlid (hongi female) hasn’t been right for about a week now I have isolated her added Epsom salt to tank with only little improvement any idea what could be wrong I’ll add video any help would be greatly appreciated I don’t want to lose her she is a good breeder ph and hardness is fine is both normal and isolation tank fish is swimming on bottom of tank and when does try to swim it swims diagonally B112919A-D759-4CD6-856C-CB4559D85A32.MOV 2D1C3920-19E0-421E-BC62-8748F18D5B09.MOV
  15. well i am going to get the  xenotilapia battiphilus kesese  off

    Mario for $200 there 10 of them 4-6 cm.

  16. Are African Cichilds right for my tank???

    Having 2 males of each species is the worst possible combination IMHO. They will seek each other out and do battle. Best case is one looks amazing and other looks terribad. Not sure how you would go finding those fish in Oz, maybe the scenes a bit better in your area. Gold comps and calvus plus some speckleback moba lepto would be rather neato with that scape.
  17. Are African Cichilds right for my tank???

    For your tank, I personally would advise against the patricki (level of aggression) and tetrastigma (grows a bit too big). I’m not a huge fan of mixing Malawi and Tangs in the same tank. In my opinion you would end up with a more harmonious tank, and likely a better outcome longer term, if you stuck with either Malawi or Tangs. If you are keen on the gold comps and calvus, why not as an alternative take a look at some of the other Tangs available. They are probably better suited to your tank size anyway. A community Tang tank can be fascinating to watch. To the comp/calvus, perhaps add a shell dweller species, and a julidochromis species. There is a nice article (two parts) at this link about community tang tanks, and it gives some stocking ideas. http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/tang_community_ii.php http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/tang_community_i.php
  18. Hi Sorroz

    Do you have any sub adult pairs of white calvus avail for sale or spare male? I have a lonely female white calvus looking for her mate. Plz let me know if u have any and price as well. Edwin just introduced you :)






  19. Are African Cichilds right for my tank???

    Ok so my mind has changed again, and i think that i am going to go for a male display tank. Mainly mbuna but i am going add a black calvus and gold comps. Against all the research that i have done if i go 2 males from the same species and having about 14 fish in total would there be enough distractions and hiding places to stop a massive blood bath. Potential list Lab nakali Patriki chiclid Tetrastigma Yellow belly albert Parlmut Black calvus Gold compress. Any thoughts??? Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  20. Are African Cichilds right for my tank???

    Thanks mate not a very good photo will take more when the tenants arrive Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  21. Cichlid tank - types - advice

    Thats an epic stocklist. Who needs mbuna with options like that!!!
  22. Are African Cichilds right for my tank???

    Thats a great scape! Mbuna heaven!
  23. Are African Cichilds right for my tank???

    The tank is ready to go and i getting ready to splash some cash on the fish. Would a black clavus be ok to mix in with some peacocks,labs and acei Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  24. Cichlid tank - types - advice

    My current stocklist in 6x2x2.5. To date ive only had to rehome an Aulonocara Maylandi other than that no dramas... -sulpher crest Lithobates yellow -aulonocara stuartgranti Nkhata Bay f1 -aulonocara maylandi -aulonocara maylandi -aulonocara dragonblood -aulonocara rostratum -aulonocara maleri Chidunga Rocks F1 -aulonocara bicolor 500 -auloncara lwanda -auloncara walteri -aulonocara hansbaenschi -aulonocara red shoulder -aulonocara sp lwanda F1 -aulonocara stuartgranti (Ngara) Flametail F1 -aulonocara Stveni Blue Neon F1 -aulonocara stuartgranti Hongi F1 -aulonocara stuartgranti hongi -aulonocara stuartgranti ngara flametail -aulonocara maleri maleri import line -aulonocara jacobfreibergi cape macler -aulonocara Stuartgranti Mbenji Koningsi/ Blue Regal F1 -aulonocara stuartgranti bi colour 500 (Maulana) -aulonocara sp Rubin Red (roter Kaiser) -copadichromis borleyi (red fin kadango) -peacock blue -peacock rubin red -peacock peach -peacock baenchi sunshine -peacock fire fish -peacock eureaka jacobfreigi -peacock jacobfreigi -peacock jacobfreigi maulana bicolor 500 -peacock golden sapphire stuartgranti maleri -protomelas taeniolatus "Boadzulu Red import line -protomelas taeniolatus red empress -protomelas stveni taiwan reef -protomelas chimoto yellow ngkuyo reef -placidochromis sp phenochilus gissel -sciaenochromis white knight -sciaenochromis fryeri "electic blue" -lethrinops "Red Cap" -lethrinops sp. "red cap Itungi" -lethrinops marginatus "Red Flush" Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  25. Reactive ion OH, how is it formed?

    Thanks for the replies. Might be time for a to try a adding a refugium.
  26. hunter pets is closing down now

    I would say it is a Juvenile Uaru.
  27. hunter pets is closing down now

    What is this fish Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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