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  2. Update I bought the Fluval Planted 3.0 LED light for my set up. I will use it and provide an update in a few weeks. Thanks all for all your help.. Cheers M
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  4. Thank you very much @Chuckmeister valuable insights. Now I am thinking more and more about the Fluval LED lights.
  5. I bought 4 makemyled lights, 3 full spectrum planted and a 10k along with light controllers, stands etc. Did 3 planted spectrum for my top tank (which was planted)and the bottom tank which had Tanganyikan's ended up with the 10k. His new stuff may be ok (dont know) but his older stuff is garbage. I got little customer support because it was a couple of years of use. I get it...it was outside 12 months of use (so I was told as well as being told that the drivers he was using at the time were faulty/unreliable). Would I blow quite a sizeable sum of money on these lights again...well no. Its not often I feel I was ripped but this wasn't one product failure, but 4 all in short succession by MMLED. Each section of every light failed in the end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJF0TO_Vvko
  6. fair call, better be safe then sorry aye. thanks mate.
  7. No mate, I have not tried too hard as of yet πŸ™‚ he's on the crickets still, hard. I don't raise them myself, but get 600 at a time from Biosupplies and they live a cosy life here in a spare tank eating veges oats cardboardand good quality fishfood and each other (I guess because some legs seem to go missing). They live for weeks and weeks. I am keen to try to make them "hold" a pellet for me when I feed them to him and see how that works, as Link2Hell has mentioned. I recon It'll be a bit of fun at the very least. The Rasboras are all still there too. It's great.
  8. @Skippy Thanks mate ... I think these athese tubes.. They also make LED panels ones. I was looking at them. I came across the Fluval Planted aquarium 3.0 units. They seem to be good based on YouTube reviews. @Beaz Thanks for the tip mate. Cheers M
  9. In this vid he has no R/G/B tube (I think?). You have to have one of those for the full spectrum / night mode feature. I got myself 2 tubes - one R/G/B, and one white (cannot remember the specs on the white one), I have these at 3 ft. on my 5 ft. tank at under 50% power and they grow plants low tech for me fine. I used to have the lights on a 3 fter and the light output was Awesome. If you order from them, I highly reccomend the R/G/B tube too.
  10. I guess if he seems healthy then its ok? You can see the white that has developed in his eyes.
  11. Frosty

    fry food

    havent had the time to go and get bbs egg yet :(((( but got some frozen bbs left over from a while ago should be still be ok to use yeah? like 8 month ish old? always been frozen. like frozen bbs cubes bought from shop, not ones i hatched and then freeze ahaha
  12. This is the video I was thinking of
  13. Hey, I have a blind peacock in a community tank, i just try and make sure he gets fed (which isn't easy and I can tell he is skinny) , but not much else you can do really
  14. Hi Frosty, I had similar concerns chucking 600 litres of water + tank + gravel etc (at a guess 700kg's) on the floor as i have a timber floor, I actually got a local builder out and he had a look under the house and suggested I add an extra cross beam to be sure (easy to get under the house, you can actually walk under most of it) Point being it probably depends on where the support beams are situated in comparison to the tanks, also the tank stand, does it disperse the weight evenly accross teh floor area or does it hold all the weight in the corners etc (like a table) So if your mate has any concerns I suggest getting someone out to have a look, the local builder didn't charge me either as it took him 15 mins to have a look and a chat about what i was doing, I didn't want to take the risk of damage -I do remember a comment about a building code rule of thumb is to imagine if people where standing in the same space and averaged 80 kg per person, the floor would be built to cover that weight, so 4x2x2 is about 400 kg's plus at a guess, so could you fit five people on that floor space ? probably not, so i would get a professional to come out and check Cheers
  15. Got him taking pellets yet? Are you raising the crickets yourself? If you can't wean him off them the best you can do is gut load them with high quality vitamin enriched food.
  16. brucem

    fry food

    I never have trouble raising Malawi fry on crushed flake and crushed pellet. Tiny fry benefit from bbs in particular
  17. Hello. I have a male mabuna I have kept for at least six years. The last six months it has become obvious he's gone blind. Some whitening around the outside of his eyes however I don't think its because of any illness. I try and maintain my tanks and think that him becoming blind is just a result of age or bad luck. Hes always been healthy, has a three foot tank to himself and continues to look healthy and is always hungry. I have taught him food is available when i gently tap the glass and he does his best to swim to the tapping noise and inhale what he can. I guess I am wondering if anyone else has looked after a blind fish and has any advice. Thanks Photo of him as a young boy lol
  18. hey guys was wondering if any peacock experts can help with ID these two? thanks in advance πŸ˜„
  19. @Beaz Thanks mate .. very much appreciate your help. Just found a YouTube video and looks good. Also found a 10% off voucher so I might jump in and get some once I have had a chance to read some reviews etc.
  20. @MattG_Sydney Mate I do use their version 1 tubes they made a few years ago, but they have updated to new stuff since, which looks great. I like the panels. As far as the tubes go, they perform like on day one after about 6 years, no wear and tear (water/ rust/ calcium marks) at all. They have heaps and heaps of control options, I use the 24hr. programable controller. I'm pretty sure the new version has an app. Yes, definately, I have the old controller box and I think it''s quality mediocre. A mate has the newer version control box, I will have a chat and try to compare. I'll try to post a pic - never done that before πŸ˜•
  21. Thanks @Skippy.. I will have a look. Do you happen to have the links or the YouTube user ID ?
  22. I'd recommend checking out some online reviews of their products. @Chuckmeister has a few videos on his youtube channel where he talks about his experience with MMLED lights.
  23. Do you use their products @Beaz ? If so do you mind telling me more and posting a photo or two when convenient please? Thanks very much. Reason being the website photos are not the best.. also can the light colors change using an app ? Ie more Blue etc.
  24. have you checked out MMLED Love their stuff.
  25. Makes sense. I am thinking of putting a minimal amount of plans in my display tank as well. Just so it looks nicer.
  26. Just in that tank. It’s the display tank I side so softens the hardness of the coral and rock.
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