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  2. How much are my fish worth?

    Ballpark for all of them, in my opinion would be $100-$150. The Msobo, if they are pure, would be the the pick of them and would probably bring the best money. The others would be harder to sell and you may them herd to even give away. Good luck. Josh
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  4. Mutual Assistance /Help??

    Hi Alan, sent you a PM as requested a week ago, but I have not received a reply. Craig
  5. Hi, Due to lifestyle circumstances I'm going to have to sell the majority of my fish, though I don't know what they are worth as larger fish I have 1 pulpican male 6-7cm 2 x rusty males 8-10cm 5 x acei tanzania 10-15cm 3 female msobo 8-10cm 1 male msobo 8-10cm 4 x hara 6-10cm 3 crabro 10-15cm If anyone could give me an idea on how much they are worth within these size ranges I would be very appreciative. Cheers, Tim
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  7. Mutual Assistance /Help??

    Hey mate, There are some fish I’d like to breed but dont have the room for so PM me and we can chat about it in more depth.
  8. Hi, Paraneetroplus synspilus spawned recently and I was just wondering what is the best way to feed them and the best feed for them? How long is it recommended that they stay in the same tank as adults Cheers
  9. Mutual Assistance /Help??

    Hi Alan, Nice of you to reply, and offer. I am looking for mutual help, and what I mean by that is someone who wants a fishroom but can't have one. For example, no space, can't afford or other specific reasons. I want them to be able to enjoy their hobby in a way they can't otherwise indulge. Yes this will include maintenance, but also their fish selection, breeding, selling etc. I will have my finger in this, so it will keep my hobby alive for me too. It would not be fair for someone to just do maintenance.
  10. Mutual Assistance /Help??

    Hi Craig, How many hours a week are you wanting help for? I’m not far from Menai and could help out if its not too massive a job. Cheers, Alan.
  11. Lighting

    Yeah doesn't put great lighting out though really ive made lights from it before using pvc rain guttering and end caps and reflective tape and lengths of 25mm pvc and you wrap it around. The lights initially started off good but the moisture and condensation and splash ups seems to take its affect on them ive found.
  12. Lighting

    You can buy LED strip lighting that comes on a roll off eBay. It’s sticky on the back so you can just stick it where ever you want. It’s cheap to buy and very cheap to run.
  13. Filtration for a 6x2x2.5

    I think canisters work best when inlet and outlet access the tank over the top Drilling holes in the base of the tank create a weakness where water pressure is greatest....any failure of those holes/fitting or canister would lead to the tank draining I agree with fish dance re keeping aeration. Extra canister wont increase water quality unless it is chemical filtration and that's not Good to do full time. Water Quality is best improved by gravel vac and increasing frequency of water changes.... Just my opinion....;)
  14. Correct usage of Metronide

    You are wrong , if your fish are still eating, I would definitely prefer to feed it rather than adding to water column. a lot more effective.
  15. 8x3x2' Reef Tank Journal

    Wall has now been painted black, and I must say it really pops already with the black stand and the rest of the house being painted 'ivory white'. The light brackets are currently at the powder coaters, getting finished in 'satin black' like the stand. Should look pretty spectacular once the tank gets pushed back on the wall, putting a real focus on the tanks inhabitants.
  16. Filtration for a 6x2x2.5

    That's right mate. I didn't really want to go over the top, but it doesn't look to bad. I have a black background and have used black poly fittings and pipe.
  17. Filtration for a 6x2x2.5

    So one outlet over the top and the other outlet through the base at the same side of the tank? The intakes the same at the other end? Ive got a similar setup with 2 canisters, although ive got 4 holes plumbed through the base. In and out at one end of the tank and same on the other side. I’ve kept the pipes low in the tank so they are not so visible.
  18. Lighting

    Whats everyone suggest to light a 3 shelf pallet racking each rack will have a 6x2x2 and a 4x2x2 on them. So 10ft of tank. Buying individual led light bars seems expensive when the rack doesn't exactly need to be lit anyway. Would just like it as i work 12 hour days so leave in the dark and get home in the dark. Still like to inspect and watch my fish each day though. Cheers people.
  19. Filtration for a 6x2x2.5

    Thanks mate. I recently added another FX6 with the outlets at one end and the intakes at the other. Seems to be working well so far.
  20. Filtration for a 6x2x2.5

    I would put both of the outlets in one corner facing length ways and put a wave maker in the opposite corner facing length ways also, trying to create a somewhat circular flow in the tank. All facing up for agitation.
  21. 8x3x2' Reef Tank Journal

    My skimmer finally arrived yesterday, after a very long wait. Ended up going with a Nyos Quantum 300 - beast of a skimmer, first thing I noticed was the sheer size and had me second guessing if i measured incorrectly and have it not fit in the sump! (full size lighter on top of the cup for a size reference) I must say, putting it together it feels very well made, solid and precise construction with no play in the pieces once put together. Really easy to assemble, took me all of 5 minutes with a flat head screw driver. Fits in the sump nicely, and looks the part next to the algae reactor. I turned the light on the algae reactor for a pic for no other reason than it looked awesome! I'm still undecided whether I will run the algae reactor in the sump or having it external as it does take up a lot of room in the sump.
  22. 8x3x2' Reef Tank Journal

    Finally some more progress - getting the wall drilled was a major headache, with my usual avenues unable to help me for the foreseeable future. Ended up getting one of my dads mates to help out, and must say he did a fantastic job with the 4 holes through a double brick wall - nice and straight and hardly a chip out of the plaster or the garage brick wall! really neat job. This was really holding me up. The electrician is also at my house as I type this doing some jobs including doing all the wiring of the powerboards in the garage for all the equipment for the QT tank and sump/display! So some jobs are getting done. Wall will finally be painted this week also. Once that's done things will start coming together very quickly! On a side note my algae reactor arrived today, got an ITC ALR 3 - I must say it is bigger than I was expecting. Seems to be well made too. Also got a call from the delivery company my skimmer will finally be delivered today too! So things are starting to move quickly now!
  23. Mutual Assistance /Help??

    Hi, I don't know if this is the best place for this, please feel free to relocate if needed mods. Not sure how to word this, or even if it is a good idea, or if it is workable. So I will try to be brief ; Due to a long term and increasing health issue, I am no longer able to look after my tanks. Truth is, I have not been able to for some time. But my aquarium fish are my first love and I am INCREDIBLY reluctant to give up. It would be like giving up on life. So, I can't let go, but I can't hold on and maintain my African tanks/fish room. I have thought /wondered for some years now if there was a person in my local area of Menai, Sydney who has the passion, but no fishroom where we could mutually benefit from this …ummm…situation. That is, I have a fishroom that I can't look after, is there someone who who has the passion (and energy and time) but no fishroom? I'm not looking for sympathy or charity. Or to hand over complete control of my fishroom for that matter.. But I am wondering if a working situation and understanding can be created from where we can both mutually benefit? Craig
  24. Hi all, First time post, I'm setting up 4ft Cichlid tank and would like to do an expanding foam rock background. What are the pro's and con's of doing this??? What kind of expanding foam do you use??? Where can I buy expanding foam??? Thanks in advance......
  25. breeding empty tank setup

    what do you intend trying to breed ?
  26. Just wanted to get everyone thoughts of having empty tank with no rocks, pots, caves etc for breeding.... has anyone tried it? I keep on hearing that you need caves or pots for breeding however i dont seem to have any luck. I'm worried thought that when they get skittish they dart up to the lids and no where to hide when you have an empty tank.
  27. 8x3x2' Reef Tank Journal

    Update - got the mixing station mostly plumbed. All dry fitted then glued. Only a couple very minor leaks which I have since rectified. Pretty happy with it and seems to be working a treat so far. The left barrel is SW and the right RODI. I like the 'closed loop' on the left as I can turn the pump on and really churn the water to either mix salt or get the water full of oxygen before a water change. Each drum holds 220L (~60gal). All that is left to do is clamp a flexible hose on the reducer and install drill a hole for the float switch to plumb the RODI line into so I don't flood my garage.
  28. My Community Planted tank

    I like the look of this tank. especially the scape. Can you fill it up a bit more?
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