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  2. Garlic in fish food

    steam some broccoli or pumpkin for them
  3. Garlic in fish food

    Thanks mate added some to my tropheus sera veggie flake. Just bought a colony of about 40 and out of all that 1 hadn't eaten since i got them into my tanks on sunday. Was starting to get abit worried and started to think it may have been bloat. Ive got meds here for it just didnt want that to be the case. The fish ate this afternoon. Not alot like the others but definitely took some decent sized pieces of flake so im hopefully he will be fine now.
  4. Garlic in fish food

    not a problem you will find it as an ingredient in NLS Thera-A the only thing is the smell that puts some people off it
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  6. Garlic in fish food

    Is garlic in food for tropheus fine?
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  8. Mutual Assistance /Help??

    Shame i am not close to you CThompson. I am from Melbourne. Hope you find someone worthy mate. Best of luck to you.
  9. peacock cichlids keeping hard?

    Stunning Aulonocara Ngara Flametail F1 !!!!!!!!!!!! i want one more badly now. Awesome tank and love the lighting, thanks a bunch, i will look into those lights.
  10. peacock cichlids keeping hard?

    Using 2 x 4ft fluval marine and sea 2.0 LED's...
  11. peacock cichlids keeping hard?

    Aulonocara Ngara Flametail F1
  12. peacock cichlids keeping hard?

    Stunning fish selection!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely awesome!!! On my wish list is 1 Ngara Flaimtail and 1 Lwanda......will get them one day soon i hope. Out of curiosity what lighting you use in your aquarium Dandaman80? I got cheap led lights, i think i can do alot better......
  13. peacock cichlids keeping hard?

    Absolutely sensational mate, thanks for the reply. Ive got fish from Barnseys as well, top quality... can be a delicate balance at times... your fish have some good size about them... My current stock list below in my 8ft -aulonocara chirwa island F2 -aulonocara brevinidus german import -aulonocara usisya F1 -aulonocara usisya german import -aulonocara usisya german import -aulonocara stuartgranti chilumba german imp -aulonocara mamelela -aulonocara mamelela -aulonocara maylandi -aulonocara rostratum -aulonocara bicolor 500 -aulonocara red shoulder -aulonocara lwanda f2 -aulonocara lwanda f1 -aulonocara lwanda -aulonocara steveni blue neon F1 -aulonocara steveni blue neon -aulonocara steveni blue neon german -aulonocara sanga bay F2 -aulonocara stuartgranti Mdoka RARE -aulonocara stuartgranti hongi -aulonocara stuartgranti hongi -aulonocara stuartgranti hongi -aulonocara stuartgranti ngara flametail f1 -aulonocara stuartgranti ngara flametail f1 -aulonocara stuartgranti ngara flametail -aulonocara maleri maleri import line -aulonocara sp Rubin Red (roter Kaiser) -aulonocara rubin red -aulonocara rubin red -aulonocara baenchi sunshine -aulonocara baenchi sunshine -aulonocara stuartgranti mbenji koningsi blue regal -aulonocara fire fish -aulonocara eureaka jacobfreigi -aulonocara jacobfreigi cape macler -aulonocara eureaka red albino german import -protomelas taeniolatus red empress -protomelas stveni taiwan reef -protomelas chimoto yellow ngkuyo reef -protomelas spilonatus mara rocks -protomelas steveni eastern namitumbu -protomelas fenestratus fire blue lupingu very rare -placidochromis blue otter -placidochromis deep water electra fort maguire -placidochromis sp phenochilus gissel -placidochromis sp phenochilus gissel -placidochromis sp phenochilus gissel -placidochromis phenochilus tanzania -placidochromis phenochilus mdoka white lip -placidochromis milomo VC10 -placidochromis jalo reef -placidochromis mbamba bay -sciaenochromis white knight -sciaenochromis fryeri "electric blue" -copadichromis borleyi (red fin kadango) -copadichromis free water super rare -copadichromis kawanga -copidachromis chrysonotus -otopharynx tetrastigma -otopharynx tetrastigma -otopharynx sp spot sani -tramitichromis intermedius kambiri -tramitichromis lituris yellow sun -tramitichromis lituris yellow sun -lethrinops "Red Cap" -lethrinops sp. "red cap Itungi" -lethrinops sp. "red cap itungi" -lethrinops lethrinus -lethrinops lethrinus -lethrinops marginatus red flush -lethrinops marginatus red flush -lethrinops marginatus red flush -naevochromis chrysogaster -cheilochromis euchilus 6 x synodontis multipunctatus 2 x gold spot plecos 2 x sailfin plecos
  14. peacock cichlids keeping hard?

    Hi Dadaman80, a few of my fish came from a African cichlid breeder here in Melbourne, the rest came from Melbourne tropical fish imports, Hifin Aqaurium , and Barnseys Cichids. All in Victoria. Selection and range come and go, if your there at the right time the harder to find africans can be found. My current stock is below, all getting along fine, a few little chases here and there but all good. sp35 Electric yellow Polystigma Red empress Red ruiben Sulfar crest Lithobite Electric blue, Sciaenochromis fryeri white knight, Sciaenochromis fryeri Benga peacock Jacobfreibergi Eureka Tetrastigma Protomelas similis Gissel Deepwater hap venustus Copadichromis Azurus strawberry peacock redfin borleyi Had all these for several months now, ranging in size from 4 inch, 5 inch and 6inch. none fighting....none do serious single out chasing or harassing. I am very happy, this worked for me, might not work for others. Most i raised from 3inch size or tad smaller. All male tank.
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  16. Pseudotropheus Polit

    Anyone in or around Newcastle keeping anything?
  17. Mutual Assistance /Help??

    Anyone close enough for their interest to be worthwhile?
  18. Mutual Assistance /Help??

  19. Crenicichla Lepidota

    Did you take any pictures of yours?
  20. Crenicichla Lepidota

    haven't seen any available for a while now
  21. Looking for Naevochromis Chrysogaster

    I have a young group growing in tank with young rostratus and nigriventer. I've found them to be quite placid and yet relatively robust - they don't cause trouble, but they also seem able to hold their own with "tougher" tank mates. While I haven't personally kept them with "softer" haps, from what I've seen I suspect that they would do quite well, particularly in an all male tank. They are an absolutely stunning fish when in full colour!!!!! Well worth trying!!
  22. Ophthalmotilapia ventralis

    I have a 6x2x2 im going to stock with a few of these guys. Just after any tips i might not have read about yet. Thanks crew.
  23. Crenicichla Lepidota

    Hi All, anyone know if these are still around? About 10 years back I had a pair which I bought through someone at the NCS, name may have been Darryl? Around the time they were everywhere and would definitely be something I would like to devote a tank to again.
  24. peacock cichlids keeping hard?

    Hi Roos, I just tuned into this thread. I also have an african peacock tank woth aulonocara, placidochromis and protomelas varieties. Theres some quite unique fish on your list. May I ask where you get your fish from? In particular this variant Protomelas virgatus Pombo "Yellow Chin" ?? cheers Dan
  25. Looking for Naevochromis Chrysogaster

    Hey guys, i know this is an old thread but was just after some advice on the temperament of tge Naevochromis chrysogaster. Is this a peacful fish? How would a male go in an all male display tank with Aulonocara, Placidochromis and Protomelas varieties? Cheers Dan
  26. LED Lighting

    ACTcichlidlover you go from basic freshwater Worx light that places like Techden and Age of Aquariums do to units that are programmable light cycles that can imitate lighting storms I have the Worx unit and it has no problem lighting up a 2' deep tank
  27. DIY Background coating

    Ashfishy make sure what you use states is suitable for potable water this means it is human safe Steve Baines in QLD used to make some awesome backgrounds with styro blocks and bitumen coating
  28. CADE Alumate LTW1500 3D Background suggestions

    Aquadecor are really nice but $$$
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